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Thread: Is Radha brah***?

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    Re: Is Radha brah***?

    Namaste Kalicharan Ji

    Why can't we assume Shree Raadha as a simple person probably wife of some body lived during those days? Not all characters that were seen along with Shree Krishna were recorded in MB.

    Few folks have gone to the extreme of questioning the existence of Vaikunta because that term is not seen in some script. Does that mean people will stop believing Vaikunta ?

    Some Sampradaya acknowledge Shree Raadha some don't. So trying to identify her as Brahman or something else is purely a over kill.

    There are many non vedic gods/deities worshiped by Hindus all over India.

    For eg Ayyanar is a village deity worshiped with fervor. I haven't seen any reference of Ayyanar outside Tamil (Dravida) literature. Will it make them non Hindus or non Indians?

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    Re: Is Radha brah***?


    If we have a relook at the original quote:
    Once all the devas went to Shri KrshNa in Golok and said, Lord, by Your grace we know so much, You perform all these leelas and we see that, You play roles to protect the good and destroy evil, we see that. All this is what You do for the world, it is Your compassion.
    The statement is obviously more along the lines of KrishNa being the SaguNa (whatever Ādi S. believed the term to be).

    I've lost all motivation to attach "Shakti" with Devi. But 'course this is personal opinion.

    Then there are hardly any empirical or field studies done in mystical Hinduism, but I've got the gut feel that in many aspirants Krishna and Saraswati came up at once, or in quick succession, in their Bhakti when they least expected at least one among the two.

    But anyways I don't want to lead right now where it leads, but will like to drop Vedantic terms altogether, and try to introduce some other (Shaiva).

    Is Radha-Krishna the same "final door to moksha" as Ardhanareeswara?
    With of course the only difference being : Radha as the Rudra essence, and Krishna as the Sati's?

    On this I am curious to know SF-ji's reply also.

    Things to remember:

    1. Life = yajña
    2. Depth of Āstika knowledge is directly proportional
    to the richness of Sanskrit it is written in
    3. Āstika = Bhārata ("east") / Ārya ("west")
    4. Varṇa = tripartite division of Vedic polity
    5. r = c. x²
    r = realisation
    constant c = intelligence
    variable x = bhakti

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    Re: Is Radha brah***?

    Quote Originally Posted by Anirudh View Post
    Some Sampradaya acknowledge Shree Raadha some don't. So trying to identify her as Brahman or something else is purely a over kill.
    Namaste Anirudh ji,

    This is simply be cause they are using parallel languages. All sampradaya-s of Hinduism are parallel universes, though with differing focal points. To understand this deep truth we only need to check the parallelism of each of them with the Veda.

    Many aspirants start with one sampradaya but end up with some other, how come? Were they cheating on their erstwhile sampradaya? The answer can only be a big no. They got to understand their ishta - the purity of their calling - even while the focus of the sampradaya was mainly some other deity. So they went on to the other sampradaya which had that essence as its primary focus, 'course with another name as real as the original one.
    Things to remember:

    1. Life = yajña
    2. Depth of Āstika knowledge is directly proportional
    to the richness of Sanskrit it is written in
    3. Āstika = Bhārata ("east") / Ārya ("west")
    4. Varṇa = tripartite division of Vedic polity
    5. r = c. x²
    r = realisation
    constant c = intelligence
    variable x = bhakti

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    Re: Is Radha brah***?

    Quote Originally Posted by hinduism♥krishna View Post
    Radha character is a controversial character of purana. Some say she was a lover of Krishna, some say she was incarnation of bhakti devi and some say (including me as well) radha character was introduced by some Bengali poet....
    rAdhA predates jayadeva, as she is mentioned in brahmavaivartapurANam and the devIbhAgavatam (or was it the mArkaNDeyapurANam, I get them confused sometimes), even Indologists agree.
    படைபோர் புக்கு முழங்கும்அப் பாஞ்சசன்னியமும் பல்லாண்டே
    May your pA~nchajanya shankha which reverberates on the battlefield, last thousands upon thousands of years...

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    Re: Is Radha brah***?

    I have some question regarding Radha because my non-Hindu friends kept mocking me about Krishna's relationship with Radha. I read through this topic and understood that Radha is a physical manifestation of parakiya rasa. This brings up the question that they ask me often which they read in some Bengali writer's literature (especially Krishna Charitra) which says that Radha was Krishna's aunt. I was wondering if this idea came from this writer or was it in the air from before (probably from the Puranas)?

    I personally believe more of the Itihasas (Ramayana and the Mahabharata) and the Vedas, which gives me a feeling that if Radha isn't mentioned in any of those, then I would just forget it. If Radha isn't mentioned in one of those, then it feels like one of the author just had a dream and dreamt of this. Please clear this confusion as to where Radha originated and his familial relationship with Shri Krishna. I was also wondering if Radha is at all synonymous, or another name for Rukmini. Looking through the internet, I found that the first painting of Radha seems to be this: by Ravi Verma. If this is the case, then do we not know the character of Ravi Verma, how his paintings bear derogatory meanings.

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    Re: Is Radha brah***?

    I hope Datta get help, that is will increase our knowledge
    But we can see the people, we can give them good answer, what is need
    But there is some people who ask for mocking only, not to know more, but only to mocking us
    After we explain the answer, if he not honest and still mocking, so just leave him, its impossible to waste your life time to make him statisfied, and not all people have afinity with our own method....



    Om Saha Nau-Avatu |
    Saha Nau Bhunaktu |
    Saha Viiryam Karava-Avahai |
    Tejasvi Nau-Adhii-Tam-Astu Maa Vidviss-Aavahai |
    Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

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    Re: Is Radha brah***?

    Namaste all,

    I have a somewhat different take on Krishna-Radha than what has been discussed so far. I apologize in advance if my post hurts the readers' feelings but my intention simply is to convey what I understand.

    IMO the devotional imagery of Krishna-Radha is simply a fine work of Arts formulated by sages of Bhakti tradition, that attempts to explain the relationship between God and devotee, or tries to help the devotee strengthen that relationship.

    Sri Krishna in this imagery represents God (Saguna Brahman) whereas the gopis (as a group) represents human souls. The music from the flute represents the manifest world, the one that gopis (humans) sense. The gopis are mesmerized by this music and try to find out who is playing the flute- this imagery represents humans wondering about this world, about themselves, and about the source where it all came from, just as what we are all doing here at HDF (yes, we ARE the 'gopis' ).

    Radha represents that gopi who has figured out (realized) what is going on. That is, this gopi (soul) has achieved enlightenment. She still hears Krishna's music but is now full aware that she is as much Brahman as Krishna is. This is what the imagery means when it shows Krishna and Radha together.

    But that is not all. Radha now also knows that Brahman is Ananda swarupa. This fact is conveyed in the imagery by showing Krishna and Radha dancing together in bliss.

    Keeping all this in mind, now when we see the attached photo (link below), it would be an error on our part to only see Krishna as BhagwAn. Krishna and the enlightened Radha are now one. The whole photo is now one BhagwAn, Sri RadhaKrishn.

    I also like the explanation provided by smaranam ji at #3

    IMO the sages of Bhakti decided to show Krishna as a teenager (young adult) and Radha as His girlfriend, to arrest and hold our attention. The boyfriend-girlfriend imagery attracts people. We go and watch bollywood movies because we know that there will be a hero in the movie and there will be his girlfriend. When they get married, the movie ends. The directors know that when the boyfriend-girlfriend part is over, people will leave

    Jai Radhe Krishna
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    What is the one thing that no beings can do, except humans? Answer: Arts!

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    Re: Is Radha brah***?


    Smt Radha Rani is not a historical figure. RAdhA came into Lord Krishna's story due to Jaideva (the poet from Puri), Raja Ravi Verma and Vsihnava Saint Nimbarka. However, that doesn't anyway lessen the importance of Srimati RAdhA Rani. RAdhA is the symbol of Prakriti and Lord Krishna, the Purusha / Brahman. Purusha and Prakriti cannot be imagined separated. RAdhA is the power of Lord Krishna/Brahman and without her this world cannot exist.

    "Om Namo Bhagvate Vaasudevaye"

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    Re: Is Radha brah***?


    Today is RAdhAshTamI - appearamce day of Shri RadhikA

    Those who want to understand Devi Radha, Radha tattva (principle) should study RAdhA SahasranAma - Thousand Names of RAdhA
    To understand the Supreme Lord of the Universe, study VishNu SahasranAma - Thousand Names of VishNu. We have several threads here discussing VishNu SahasranAma.
    I had this thing kept safe away in a corner of the heart to start a thread on Radha sahasranAma back in 2010 . but never did.

    It is about time...
    || Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||

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