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Thread: Prove God exists, how?

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    Re: Prove God exists, how?

    Dear friend ,
    when everything is in perfect order with a perfect sense of timing and operation , what could be the logic behind the phenomenon , if not science . Leave the spiritual aspect , if accepted as science who is behind this . If it is argued as the work of ' Nature ' , what is it . Who is controlling that .I sincerely
    want to know the answers with academic interest .Personally I believe that It is the ' Ananthachithanyam' , Brahman , Vishwanthayami

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    Smile Re: Prove God exists, how?

    Quote Originally Posted by saswathy View Post
    Dear friends ,
    God is energy , God is love , God is compassion , God is nature which can be experienced but can't be proved , since all these attributes and qualities are abstract in essence.
    I am absolutely agree what you say. We all have soul. What we see , just a body. We can't not see inner things, that means energy. To feel this energy, you have to do meditation.

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    Re: Prove God exists, how?


    The answer lies in knowing what "proof" means and then proving the existence of God with that method of proof.

    A simple logic says, what is not proven cannot mean it doesn't exist! and mostly its only the available means of proof or proof itself! So, even if you don't prove with your available means, you cannot still deny the existence of God! or assume you have denied . Until you absolutely deny God does not exist, He will continue to exists by the mean of this logic - and this Logic itself is the Proof!

    Hare Krshna!

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    Re: Prove God exists, how?


    If one no longer need to see God in a personified form, perhaps then it becomes easer to accept a more meaningful form of proof. For example; a mathematical prof that something is not provable, is much harder to achieve than it is to prove something either true or false.
    Now how might this relate to proof of the existence of God or Gods? Well we can reasonably assume that God, in a multi dimensional Universe, a universe with manifold space and time, would not be bound within solely our own dimensions. That the very concept of God is reduced to something much lesser than its entirety; in order to be conceivable for us, perceptible; as such we can not reasonably expect to prove existence in any way other than through our own sub conscious perception. The conscious mind and ego, its reasoning, rely far to heavily upon our own self made thought constructs and axioms, such as language.
    Perhaps then proof might be found in better understanding of the question its self its construct and language; knowing then above all why some things are not fathomable. I wonder then if we might see what would become of our own thought, if we were able to gain just a gimps of the true depth of this world, then, having changed ones own perspective though the delight of thought and reflection; to then reconsider the original question.

    Kind regards.

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    Re: Prove God exists, how?


    I am assuming your son is a teenager.

    My son think people believing in God is not Science and something not proved.
    Give him a crooked chisel and a broken hammer and ask him to prove Einstein's theory of relativity.


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    Light Re: Prove God exists, how?

    Before he believes or disbelieves in God he has to know what is God.
    Show him the video "Who Am I?, Who is God? and What is the mind?" on this page on Upanishads
    This was a lecture by Swamini Vimalananda at IIT Kanpur.

    You can follow up with the videos by Swami Sarvapriyanandaji on Message of Upanishads and "Who Am I" - again delivered at IIT Kanpur.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vrindavan View Post

    Answering my son's question.

    My son think people believing in God is not Science and something not proved.

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    Re: Prove God exists, how?

    hariḥ oṁ


    Quote Originally Posted by Vrindavan View Post
    hello, Answering my son's question. My son think people believing in God is not Science and something not proved.
    If the HDF reader happened to notice, there were 65 posts to this question and roughly 20,000 views . Yet our friend ( Vrindavan) has not posted within this string on the comments. We cannot be sure if we helped or hindered his son. That is to say, I was in hopes a dialog could have been sustained and more knowledge on this matter would unfold. But what did you think you could add yajvan ? I'd like to add just this one thing on proof.

    uccārarahitam vastu - that Reality ( vastu) is devoid (rahitam) of utterance (ucāra) . If there is a conversation on the proof of God, it is within the world of words. Yet that Reality that one's wants proof is unspeakable ( so say the wise). So what is one to do ? Find out for yourself. That is, if one can hear, speak, see, smell ,touch and think, follow these senses back to their source. This source is none other than the Reality this son is looking for , questioning, wishes to have direct proof. What better proof than direct personal experience?

    If one is informed ( person A) by another ( person B) regarding a matter of interest, person A can be convinced for a time, but there is always the possibility of doubt. The person A says, yes, but what about this ? He or she then poses another question and person B does the best s/he can to answer. Yet there are doubts. But of person A has a direct experience of the subject in question, the 'see for yourself' logic allows that person to determine for his or her self the validity of the experience.

    When one's experience aligns with the scriptures and these are cooberated ( asserted) by the teacher ( the realized ācārya ) then one has perfect knowledge. That is, śāstra-s or āgama-s + ācārya knowledge + direct personal experience = perfect knowledge.

    It is my opinion that trying to convince the son without his participation will give lackluster results. There is no effort on his side - he is a customer coming to purchase something at the shop and gets to pick'n-choose. Does this make him a ~bad~ person ? Surely not. It just limits the qualifications for him to get valuable knowledge.

    iti śivaṁ

    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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