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Thread: Another Pillar of Aryan - Dravidian theory debunked

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    Another Pillar of Aryan - Dravidian theory debunked

    Check the thread

    There are numerous other sources for on this.

    The lack of signs of horses (though it was mentioned in epics and puranas in many places) has been the one last point the believers were sticking too with the hope to continue to believe that native Indians are different and inferior race and aryan (superior race) brought all knowledges and horses along with them somewhere from wilderness in eurasia !!

    Still there will be cynics and people who do not want to believe that India was a superpower of knowledge, commerce and good governance even in distant past.
    Love and best wishes:hug:

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    Re: Another Pillar of Aryan - Dravidian theory debunked

    Thank you for informing.

    Jai Jai Asvini Kumar ki!!
    Things to remember:

    1. Life = yajña
    2. Depth of Āstika knowledge is directly proportional
    to the richness of Sanskrit it is written in
    3. Āstika = Bhārata ("east") / Ārya ("west")
    4. Varṇa = tripartite division of Vedic polity
    5. r = c. x²
    r = realisation
    constant c = intelligence
    variable x = bhakti

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    Re: Another Pillar of Aryan - Dravidian theory debunked

    There are lot of things which are connected with each other and i am reading on it.If you would have more information with share here.

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