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Thread: VaishNav Oasis

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    Re: VaishNav Oasis

    The Lord adores His Beloved -
    O RadherAnI, tere nainA kajarAre
    baal ghungarAle, jaise sAwan ke badarA

    sAre Veda RAdhe terA jashsa (yasha) gAve...

    Says Shri KRshNa,
    Not only are Your eyes beautiful, Radherani, adorned with kAjal like the monsoon clouds, and not only is Your beautiful face far more beauiful than the full moon,

    all four vedas chants Your glories alone! Just look at the endless nature of Your mAyA!
    Listen to the call of this Heart O Radhe...
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    Re: VaishNav Oasis

    Jai Shri KRshNa

    Transcendental GarbA - most beautiful garbA nRtya by Radha and Sakhis

    mAkhan doongi re sAwariyA thoDi bansi to bajAy, mAkhan doongi re
    bAsuri bajAy meeThi murli to sunAy, mAkhan doongi re || dhru o ||

    aisi to bajAy jaise yamuna taT pe bAji re, beheto neer turant tham jay, mAkhan doongi re || 1||
    aisi to bajAy jaisi mAdhuban me bAji re, chartI dhenu magan ho jAy,
    mAkhan doongi re || 2 ||
    aisi bajay jaise bansivaT pe bAji re, sanga ki saheli magan ho jAy,
    mAkhan doongi re
    || 3 ||
    Chandra sakhi BhagavAn KRshNa chhabI
    murali ki dhun suna mana ram jAy, mAkhan doongi re
    || 4 ||

    Says Radha: O Dark One, please play Your flute, I shall give You lots of freshly churned butter.
    1. Play the Flute the way You played it on the Yamuna river, so that the waters of the Yamuna stop flowing, stand still as if frozen (as a result of hearing Your transcendental Flute)
    2. Play the Flute the way You had played it in Madhuvan forest, so that all the grazing cows stop grazing and stay stunned listening
    3. Play the Flute the way You had played it on Bansivat (a location in VRndAvan where KRshNa plays Flute), so that [this] girlfriend accompanying You (sanga ki saheli) gets blissfully engrossed in it
    4. O friend (sakhi), BhagavAn Shri KRshNa's face (chhavi) and overall appearance is like the Full Moon. Listening to His Transcendental Flute makes the mind so engrossed and engaged in bliss, I shall give You lots and lots of mAkhan, O KAnuDA!

    om veNunAda-vishAradAya namah:

    (obeissances to the One Who is a PhD (vishArad) i.e. MostPerfect in Flute Playing (veNu-nAda) )
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    Re: VaishNav Oasis

    KAnuDA LAl, Ghadalo mAro bhar de re

    O Dear Little KRshNa, please fill up my water pot...

    But with what? The song doesn't say, but I say "with sheer transcendence, with Your Divine Love, with knowledge to replace ignorance..."

    Tu mata jANi re kAnhA, tu mat jANi,
    1) sAt sahelyA mAre sanga chhe re
    2) hu to door gaon ki, barsANe mArA ghar chhe re
    3) akhana kunwAri, Shri KRshNa mArA var chhe re

    You have no idea KRshNa, that,
    1) 7 girlfriends accompany me
    2) I am from a far away town, my home is in BarsAnA
    3) I am eternally single, however, Shri KRshNa is my [Eternal] Husband
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    Re: VaishNav Oasis

    The Story of Babreek -- (who was blessed by KRshNa to become KhATu ShyAm in Kali Yug)

    Tu kiski taraf se raNbhUmi me ladhne AyA hai?

    Babareek was grandson of Bheem (one of the 5 pAndav), son of Ghatotkach.
    Babreek's Grandma once told him that whoever dies at the hands of BhagvAn Shri KRshNa svayam, attains liberation. Babreek was focused on the philosophy of life and had no desires. He said, "I want to die at Shri KRshNa's hands" His grandma was aghast, but could not change his mind.

    Babreek attained divine powers and mastered archery. He then went to the Mahabharat war ground. Shri KRshNa, Who lives as the supersoul (paramAtmA) in all hearts knew Babreek's wish and mission.

    KRshNa met Babreek outside kurukshetra (this video shows KrshNa Arjun and Babreek) and asked -- on whose side are you planning to fight? Babreek said "On the side of whoever loses" This would turn the Mahabharat topsy turvy so KRshNa asked him to show his skill ("how can you enter battle with only 3 arrows?"). Babreek passed the skill test, and offered his head to KRshNa as gurudakshiNA because he wanted liberation at KRshNa's hands.

    KRshNa said "Make a last wish" Babreek said he wanted to watch the war and KRshNa said "tathAstu" (so be it)**

    KRshNa gave the selfless Babreek a blessing (var) -- "You will be worshipped in Kali Yug by my name, as [KhATu] ShyAm, and whoever comes to you to fulfill desires will get their wishes fulfilled."

    Thus KhATu ShyAm came into being.

    ** As Babreek was watching the war from a height, Shri KRshNa and the 5 pandavs came to the spot. Babreek told them the shocking truth. All the big achievements that Arjun, Bheem, YudhishThir ... thought were their own during the war that made them win, were not really theirs at all. Shri KRshNa's Sudarshan Chakra was doing the job not their arrows. BhagavAn was fascillitating everything. Babreek was witness to this truth. It removed the curtain from the eyes of the Pandavs especially Arjun. Although Arjun was the wise one who chose Shri KRshNa as his charioteer and did not care for KRshNa's troops (yadav sena) that in itself was surrender, yet during battle Arjun at times thought KRshNa was the advisor but he (Arjun) did some wonders with his GanDiva bow.
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    Re: VaishNav Oasis

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    Re: VaishNav Oasis

    Hare Krshna!

    Beautiful - Mellows! Continue... please.

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    Re: VaishNav Oasis

    Namaste Smaranam ji

    Kindly dont get offended..

    You keep writing about the romantic side of Shree Krishna. I find it boring.

    Why don't you tell us about his bravery, courage, righteousness etc etc. I am more inclined towards the Krishna who either fought against the evil or instructs others to fight the evil. In my opinion he wasted his time in dancing and playing with Shree Radha or other Gopis.

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    Re: VaishNav Oasis

    "Jo muzako jis bhAv se bhajte, wo muzako us rUpa me pAte"

    "Devotees attain me in whatever way they worship Me" - KRshNa explains to Arjun in answer to his question.
    Bhagvad Geeta 12.1,2,3,4,5,6....
    BhagvAn Shri KRshNa explains What and How He is and Becomes to Arjun

    KRshNa explains His Nature, Infiniteness, Forms, Formlessness, Prem, Bhakti, Ras, everything. Most Beautiful, please watch

    KRshNa says further "Prem hi bhakti hai, prem hi pUja, pUrNa samarpaN muzko bhAye"
    "Prem is devotion, Prem is worship, I like complete surrender the most..."

    This piece is not subtitled like some others, but we are grateful to people who bring this TV Serial to the internet.
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    Re: VaishNav Oasis


    For BhagavAn Shri KRshNa's glories, divine qualities, righteousness, compassion, and how He keeps His promises and shelters those who come to Him, please see posts #2 and #14 on this thread. Otherwise, one must study

    1. VishNushasranAma
    2. Shrimad BhAgvat purAN
    3. Bhagvad Gita
    3. AchyutAshTak by Adi ShankarAchArya
    sung beautifully here

    4. GovindAshtak, KRshNAshTak, BAl MukundAshTak...
    5. Commentaries and discourses on Hari Katha
    5. Threads on HDF - we have so many -- under purANa, itihas, gita, scriptures, VaishNav, God in Hindu Dharma...

    All this cannot be accomodated on this thread since the Lord is infinite and endless, His glories are endless.
    This thread is special and only for those whose feet get attracted to it. Thank You.
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    Re: VaishNav Oasis

    Dear Anirudh.,

    Not sure if you will start to see this one day....

    Romance = Summation of all that you have listed. Just think about it.

    Hare Krshna!

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