Meditationis a balancing technique. Through balance, holistic awareness expands and themany benefits of meditation begin to unfold.
as longas you are comfortable doing so. If you can meditate for 15 minutes, then doso. If you can meditate for an hour, then do so.
Thatbeing said, you need to pay close attention to what we call your peak level oftolerance. It is possible to meditate too much. Even one hour a day may be toomuch for beginner. Initially it may be best to meditate for 15 to 30 minutes aday.
So myadvice is, just do it. If you can only manage twenty minutes a day, do twentyminutes. If you can only manage ten, do that. If three minutes is all you have,then spending three minutes is much, much better than not doing so.
Whatabout a maximum?
I findthat if I meditate for more than 90 minutes over the course of a day, there’san extra “kick” from the practice, and a deep sense of joy comes into my life.I don’t expect that this length of time will apply for everyone, but I expectthat there are “tipping points” past which meditation has extra benefits, andthat that’s true for most people, even if the magic number isn’t always thesame.

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Namaste everyone!

I've been meditating daily for 8 months. I meditate at night before sleep for roughly 30 mins and in the morning for 5 mins after Surya Namaskara. I feel now as if I need to lengthen my nightly meditation. I've been able to sit for longer and maintain concentration but at the same time I often feel an antsy urge to get up even when I feel myself getting into a deeper meditative state. Is there an ideal length for meditation? A most effective length that enables one to get deeper into a meditative state? I've been doing Jaggi Vasudev's method of mentally saying "I am not the body" on the inhale and "I am not even the mind" on the exhale, then mentally or vocally chanting Om and the names of various goddesses and gods, then Ramana Maharshi's "Who am I?" method at the end. Any suggestions or advice? Thank you.