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Thread: Shaiva Sampradayas/Traditions - An attempt to List

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    Re: Shaiva Sampradayas/Traditions - An attempt to List

    Quote Originally Posted by Ametyst View Post
    Harih Om,
    could anybody refer me to some Saiva school that welcomes women as students? I live in Europe, so it is not possible for me to visit temples, but I would love to be able to learn teachings and participate in activities if they are not necessary limited on particular place. I came across Kuai's academy, but as far as I can see, it is basically a monastery for men, so I have to search somewhere else, but I don't know where.
    If anybody would be willing to help, I'd be very happy.

    Om Namah Shivaya
    Namaste Ji,

    I am not sure if you want to study while being a householder(Grihasta) or take renunciation(Sanyasa).

    All existing Shaiva traditions give diksha(initiation) to Grihasta women i.e. the Guru gives a mantra,teaches how to worship and gives guidance about how to go about in daily life.A Guru might teach Shaiva philosophy depending on the interest & sincerity of a student.

    You can study the Master Trilogy(Set of 3 volumes are available online in their website) of Kauai Adheenam Academy by yourself at home and clarify your doubts through online communication.

    Coming to Sanyasa,many Shaiva Sampradayas might have had female monastic orders in the past but I don't know if any have survived to the present day.In the Vira Shaiva Lingayat system, women and men are considered as equally important and probably they might have some existing female monastic lineages.

    I study the Saiva Siddhanta Sampradaya but occasionally I read about other schools and learn from the valuable knowledge they have in theirs.I stay in India and even I would like to know where to go and study.I hope someone can guide me to a good Shaiva Guru/Institution.
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    Re: Shaiva Sampradayas/Traditions - An attempt to List

    Vannakkam: You can easily be a student of Kauai Aadheenam, by enrolling in the Master Course. The aadheenam is the head or ecclesiastical center of Saiva Siddhanta Church, much like the Vatican is the head of the Catholic Church. Himalayan Academy is the teaching arm. The Master Course is the on-line correspondence course. Wherever there are enough students in one location, and there are lay members, additional seminar/discussion groups are set up with lay teachers, who are older members. There used to be a student who frequented these forums, a young lady from Latvia. So it's definitely possible.

    There are several Saiva temples in Europe, but I'm not privy to where you are, your financial situation or distances.

    If you'd ever like more specific info, PM me.

    Aum Namasivaya

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    Re: Shaiva Sampradayas/Traditions - An attempt to List


    A member of Srouta Saiva Samprayada who saw this post,contacted me and gave more information about Srauta Shaiva tradition or Aaradhya Saivam.

    Persons who have received Diksha (initiation) are called as Aaradhya Srouta Saivas.The philosophy studied by them is based on the commentary on Brahmasutras,'Sri Neelakantha Bhasya', by Srikantha Sivacharya.This Vedantic view is known as 'Shiva Shakti Vishistadvaita'.The current Guru of their traditional institution,Saiva Mahapeetam,is Peetadhipati Sivasri Mrtyunjaya Sharma.

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    Re: Shaiva Sampradayas/Traditions - An attempt to List


    Now interested in sampradayas I tried to find out informations on Shaiva sampradayas and google guided me diretly to the forum where Ram11 composed an overview in 2014. He called his work ‚an attempt‘. I must confess, I gave up after some lines.

    Why are Vaishnava sampradayas so easy to list and understand?
    Why are Shaiva sampradayas so difficult to list and understand?
    I did not find any website that gives homogeneous information as for Vaishnavas.

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