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Thread: Snakes in Dreams

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    Re: Snakes in Dreams

    I would honestly love to know the answer to this question too. I have had very few dreams I can remember over the past year or so. But, about a week ago I had this very unusual dream which involved a two headed snake.

    I was a lil child in a long white sari. I was playing hide and seek in the garden of a large stone temple...and I looked into this lil watery hole about a foot across and a foot deep. There, in the bottom of this hole, in some muddy water was a beautiful smiling snake...with two very stunningly beautiful heads. It was a warm brown color...its heads were elegant...very slim..but wide...with very large golden eyes. It looked up and saw me looking down. Then, it smiled very very happily and suddenly came out of the hole. I quickly backed up and set myself back against the wall of the stone temple. But the snake moved past me...and climbed the wall behind it moved between me and the stone, up the wall...I could feel this amazing feeling, an intense rush, pressure climbing up the center of my back at my spine...and it came out the top of my head.

    That was the dream.

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    Re: Snakes in Dreams

    Namaste All

    I also had an unsettling dream regarding snakes. It was the night of 23rd December 2014...I dreamt of this white and light brown snake at work, shedding its skin. I remember feeling sick to the core in my dream, and even feeling sick when I awoke.

    It worried me for a short while that day, but I pushed it out of my mind...until I read this post...

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    Re: Snakes in Dreams

    Yes it has to do with your real life. Both these dreams have a different yet close meanings. The reason why this dream came you twice is because you failed to understand its meaning in the first dream.

    Your First Dream means that there are multiple threats coming in your life in your near future that you don't know anything about, and the worst part is that you are underestimating your problems.

    Here the white color means that you are taking your problems very lightly.

    Your dream Dream means that somebody in your waking life is trying to harm you without your knowledge. He/She is planning to do something bad to you. But, this dream means that he/she will not be able to harm you as intended.

    Overall these two dreams are telling you to be careful about the upcoming threats. Source -

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    Re: Snakes in Dreams

    Hi, i am a yoga practitioner from New York and have delved into Hindu mythology a lot. It was through positive psychology that I delved into spirituality and the beautiful customs of Hinduism. I was thinking about the wonderful answers on the thread and also remembered Freud's interpretation about the need for penance if snakes come up in dreams (See Chap 3 of Discovering Psychology), wanted to share this! Thanks for such an engaging thread.

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