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Thread: Does "Bharat-Varsha" refer to India, or the entire planet?

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    Re: Does "Bharat-Varsha" refer to India, or the entire planet?

    Pranams HLK

    With all the information we have at this time I would say you are right, and the blessing of Bharata is that in the last few thousand years the knowledge has mostly been preserved and has thus produced a rich environment for the practice of self realization, so India has and still is the main portion of this planet that has the sacred knowledge of self realization in abundance. It would be almost impossible to count the amount of self realized sages and Sadhus which India seems to produce without effort.

    Sadly around the globe and especially the more west we go the environment for self realization has been suppressed, and most the countries lost their cultural identity, and what ever level they were at in times gone by has been destroyed and taken out of the history books and the mainstream societies. At certain times in Europe and the middle east people could get killed just for thinking.....

    But as they say with true knowledge comes great responsibility, so if one adheres to the current situation where India is the holy land and the basis of spiritual civilization then one surely has to take on with great humility this burden to spread the dharma in the correct way and gradually elevate as best as possible the counter parts.



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    Re: Does "Bharat-Varsha" refer to India, or the entire planet?


    For some research purpose only not in the spirit of debate we do find certain influences around the ancient world that are connected to Vedic Culture.

    I am not sure who are the main people behind India and what sampradya if any they represent.

    The Pre-Roman/Christian culture of Britain was Druid, Celtic followed by the Britons, who in fact were a peaceful race of people, not a traveling warring culture, this was learned and forced upon this land by the Romans and their application of divide and conquer.

    There are many similarities between Druid/Celtic culture and Vedic culture, both in language and some applied practices and beliefs.

    All of this may be down to trade routes and still we cannot rule out that Bharata or current India was the center in the most ancient times, but from History we learn that most of the evidences of ancient culture in the West have more or less been totally destroyed, so an accurate study is almost impossible and pending more archeological findings.

    The druids who were the spiritual heads of Britain were totally wiped out, massacred and all remains of the their beliefs and practices wiped off the surface and destroyed. It has only been in the last few hundred years that they have been trying to pick up the pieces and so far have traced many things back to Vedic culture and consider India the preservation of their own culture.

    Also some insight into early life in Ancient Britain, what is quite interesting is the timelines, all seem to be existing and flourishing at their peaks at about 5000 years ago, the dawn of Kali Yuga. The population would have been low and the villages and towns very simple globally. Most of these cultures as well as ancient Vedic and Bharata culture were oral and memory transmission of teachings, even the Buddhas teachings remained oral until approx 500 years after his para-nirvana, so writing down things, building of elaborate temples and city building are relatively new within the history of mankind.

    A bit long but maybe interesting for some, but the first 15 mins is the most important and one can get the basic idea.

    History is indeed perhaps one of the most frustrating subjects to study, as many facts have been permanently deleted from our records with very slim chances of ever really knowing the true history of the cultural fabric of the globe in ancient times, but we do know that we have been trading and sharing information for a very long time in all corners of the planet.

    I read a book or rather browsed a book on early Celtic literature a few years back and the influence of Sanskrit on its writings and culture. I could not find a suitable link to post and forget the name of the book.

    Side note, I am not in anyway or form trying to suggest the Aryan Invasion, but more for my own interests that Sadhus were existing globally around the world at all times, and still do for the elevation of jivas to pure God consciousness, however one may translate and express that within their own understandings. And as far as I can see India of today still is the main center of the globes spiritual roots and the most advanced.



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    Re: Does "Bharat-Varsha" refer to India, or the entire planet?

    A little off topic, but it's my thread so why not

    Why do you guys think that there are no monuments, palaces, or temples left over from the IV/Harrapa civilization similar to what we see left over from Egypt, and Sumer?

    According to accepted academia, the IVC was a contemporary of Ancient Egypt and Sumer, and they clearly had the technological know-how for such architecture, so what gives? Were they destroyed in some way? Is there proof of that?

    Is this a hint that it was indeed a vedic civilization, since the vedic method of worship either took place in the home or at open air fire altars and didn't require such extravagance?

    Why did hindus all of a sudden start building elaborate temples in the first place?

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    Re: Does "Bharat-Varsha" refer to India, or the entire planet?

    namaskaram SKR108 ji

    as this is an interesting subject , ...excuse later addition , ....

    in discussion elsewhere I discovered this map which gives reference to Bharata Varsha extending to the top of Africa

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