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Thread: Inspiration - Poem

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    Inspiration - Poem

    The topic of inspiration kept in coming up in my recent interactions. It prompted me to write a very short poem in the matter. I felt like sharing.


    It doesn't take much to spark the notes of the soul,
    It doesn't take much to be inspired when you realise you are whole,
    I don't need to be in a faraway land with stars as far as the eye can see,
    I don't need to be in mansion, or paradise, or staring at idyllic scenery under a tree

    I could very well be in the midst of chaos and trouble
    I could very well be with those who know nothing but sleepless nights on the rubble
    I could very well be in a slum admist the mud and the gravel
    I could very well be with myself on my lonesome, what is the need to travel

    My very essence is inspiration, I saw it in myself, and now I see it in you
    I saw it in myself, and now I see it spanning across all existence, it's true
    It was hard to be inspired, with a mind full of doubt,
    It was hard to be inspired, when I tried to find a drop of truth in a deceit-filled drought

    Now inspiration waits for me around every corner, I don't have to go and look
    Conscious effort is no longer required, I even fell in love with the crook
    ''It's easier said then done''; I heard them whisper in my ear
    I whispered back ''thats true''; but when I accept my own bliss everything becomes so clear

    The gods and the goddesses bestowed it in every specimen with love
    It was knitted into all life-forms with the supremes very own benovelonce; symbolic and pure like a dove

    So when I'm searching for inspiration
    A trip, art, or a new viewpoint might help, thats true
    but if you're really looking for inspiration
    you don't need to look any further than you.

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    Re: Inspiration - Poem

    Hari Om!


    Truly didn't want to waste the space to reply as your poem deserves to stand alone. It's from a place deep within and really shows us a great part of who you are. Thank-you for sharing such an intimate part of yourself.

    Keep allowing the words to flow because it has been my experience that the soul will reveal a great part of what is within. You've just proven this and it would be nice to see more.



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    Re: Inspiration - Poem

    Hari Om

    Icy, from here, very nice. Thank you for this.

    Om Namah Shivaya


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