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My Mission in life is to open the hearts of man"

- Sri Swami Vishwananda -

(Swami ji is guided by Sri Mahavatar Babaji)

Bhakti Marga is a path of Love and devotion, a journey from the mind to the heart where we encounter true Love and our Divine Self.

Founded in 2005 by Sri Swami Vishwananda, the Bhakti Marga community consists of hundreds of groups and thousands of likeminded individuals around the globe who are connected through their devotion and Love for God. It is the banner under which all of Sri Swami Vishwananda’s work takes place, bringing Unconditional Love to mankind and transforming countless lives.

Its three main principles are “LOVE PATIENCE UNITY”, three of the most necessary qualities in any family. Combining these three words creates a timeless formula indicating both humanity’s goal and its path leading to it.

“Bhakti Marga stands for the way towards the Love
within one‘s own heart, everyone is part of Bhakti Marga.“

- Sri Swami Vishwananda