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Thread: Where is this Brahman?

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    Where is this Brahman?

    Hari Om

    This is from a previous post of Jigar's on God and menial labor - I thought to start a new discussion on this...
    Quote Originally Posted by Jigar View Post
    Yes Tad Ekam., however Brahma is Absolute. In-accessable for now as Vishnu controls the hierchy that is bestowed upon him proven by the violent nature of his attempt in controlling the manifestations of Brahma.
    Namaste Jigar,
    If I may offer a point or two, Brahma is part of the triad Brahma, Vsnu, and Siva. Now lets consider this Brahman vs. Brahma...
    Brahman is fullness, Bhuma, Tad Ekam ( That One). What 'One' ?. Fullness of the Absolute and that of the relative field of life. It is That the brahmavit ( knower of Brahman) reveals and revels in, as s/he discusses this fullness of Being to others.
    It is parama the Supreme, a stage in which one can go no further. This parama is holistic (samasta). It is Udgitha, the subtlest rasa, the most refined. It is the essence of saman. Udgitha is the essential content of every-thing.
    Yet some think Brahman is parardhya , or that which pertains to the transcendental half. This Brahman is Bhuma, Fullness of both transcendental and relative fields of existence.

    Your note mentions inaccessible - how so?
    He is everywhere, everything. He is akasha ( ~ space) ; More specifically He is avakasa datr akasha or giving room to exist. It is He that provides the space from sub-atomic to galactic , for all to reside in. How then is he hiding my friend? Reality allows or gives room for being. Even our consciousness - cit-akasha, we will leave this for another time.

    He is Pranava -that is, That is which is always praised, that which is ever new - AUM (Om). The Manduka Upanishad says - om ity etad aksaram idam sarvam or AUM, this syllable is all This.
    This is all things, living non-living, moving non-moving...Hence this is Udgitha, the essence of all this, Brahman. So, How do we miss all this? The state in which Brahman is ignored is known as ignorance (ajnana).

    How do we come to know Him ? Upasana ( some call meditative adoration), What one adores, one becomes say the Upanishads. Upasana is to sit close or sit by and do service. We know this as spiritual activities, ones sadhana.

    One can read of this - as one looks to Brahmavida, one can read of karma-kanda ( that of action), jnana-kanda, (that of knowledge) ,yet one can practice Upasana-kanda sometimes considered the 3rd kanda. It is here one can begin the progress to Brahman - this is the wisdom of the rishi's ( arsa-jnana).
    Yet for most, we have vidamcakara, or an understanding somewhat of this knowledge, yet are progressing to svarajya, or sovereignty of ones SELF. With this SELF, all things become clear.

    And what do we (I) wish to become familiar with ? To Know Tajjalan. To know Taj or Brahman as That (Tad) + ja from which all is born (like janma) + la in which all is absorbed (from laya and its root li) + an or from which all breathes (an to breathe + also anna or food stuffs) - all which is close to you). All is born, breathes and is dissolved in THAT - Brahman.
    sarvam khalvidam brahma;
    tajjalan iti santa upasita

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    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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    Re: Where is this Brahman?

    Namaste yajvan,
    please.. Im sorry, i edited my post with more meaning to be addressed with possible disagreement. But i think i have somewhat adddreses yours already with my theory below.

    Aum Sai Om,

    Yes Tad Ekam., however Brahma is Absolute. In-accessable for now as Vishnu controls the hierchy that is bestowed upon him between krshna and Shiva proven by the headstrong nature of his attempt in controlling the discovered manifestations of Brahman self that are considered enemy of the state that will lead him to Brahma by opeining up another section of the universe to herself(meaning brahman self)

    Aum Zai Om,
    the people(person) of the Stairs
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