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Thread: Ancient India knew aerial combat techniques

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    Question Ancient India knew aerial combat techniques

    Namaste HDF

    Our English trained slavery mindset always questions the existence of Pushpaka Vimana or Brahmasthra or anything west invented which had been revealed in our scriptures.

    I (with my comment) am neither hurting anyone nor any geographical location. I am posting this after reading Big names like Indian Institute of Science and Aeronautical Society of India. It's an irony we need proof to trust our own scriptures.

    Because Varna System can't be practised in the present world every Hindu should contemplate on the ways to revive our lost Inventions more precisely Our Science.

    Reaching the golden feet of Shreeman Naaraayan is my spritual objective, even Arjuna did it, but did he stopped executing his duties?

    Even if the entire report is a work of fiction, how many of us believe, Shree Hanuman flew over the ocean or mountains (in the past) had wings? Even if majority of Indian Hindus believe, will our present education or rule of the land defend those believes? If meditation heals why it is not seen as Science? We needed one wandering tea seller to tell the world, there should be a World Yoga Day, isn't it? Weren't we practicing yoga earlier?

    Excerpts :

    According to studies by the Indian Institute of Science and Aeronautical Society of India, Maharishi Bharadwaaj's Vymanika Shastra (science of aeronautics) is a pioneering work on aircraft.

    Bharadwaaj, a Vedic scholar who lived thousands of years before modern aviation took off, not only thought of flying an aircraft but also discussed issues like detecting and attacking an enemy aircraft using poisonous gases.

    Vymanika Shastra, recovered between 1860 and 1865, even has diagrams of aircraft auto pilot features, which became a reality only a few decades ago.

    Unfortunately, lack of good research into our history and the missing texts experts say, are among reasons why India has not been able to capitalize on ancient knowledge.

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    Re: Ancient India knew aerial combat techniques


    It is an interesting fact and also a myth....

    Being materially advanced is the only recognized form of advancement in the age of Kali only, investing enormous amount of human potential for majorly destructive activity or engage the very same human for endless donkey work and such advancement is not going to help him advance his 'self' realization or what the advanced civilization really means.

    We just keep our mouth open as our instinct is to understand the material energy and its applications and imagine how big such mouth should be open if such comes to know about the power and potency of the Spiritual energy. Unfortunately very few understand it, even few explore it and even more few only master it.

    So, its not a loss and it doesn't matter how fast your fly or how many you kill quickly but it does matter a lot if you can allow just yourself to experience the bliss of being Yourself!

    Hare Krshna!

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