Hi Namasthe,

I had a dream mostly early hours around 4PM-5PM recently where a women dressed in while cloths asked me to do a shivling pratishta under a tree where there is already one linga exists. after that she has asked me to perform pooja for that shivling with yellow flowers which will enable me to get a desired husband. Saying so that lady was becoming weak, or she fell unconscious.

I'm scared why that lady went unconscious. Yesterday morning I again had a dream where one lady asked me now its time lets pray to shiva. I saw one spatika linga this time in dream.

Between these two dreams I have seen Shivling twice or thrice in dreams. common thing in these dreams are they were always during early hours of the the day.

Please suggest me what does these dreams mean, what shall i do?

more concerning thing is why that lady fell unconscious or said i'm leaving soon. I'm worried about my mom's health.

Thanks in advance for your help