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Thread: Tailbone pain - locust pose/root chakra issue?

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    Re: Tailbone pain - locust pose/root chakra issue?

    Namaste Vasily,

    From now on, I will recommend higher emphasis on deity worship and mantra meditation.

    The two most important deities here could be Mother Chinnamastā, and Vel Murugan. You should look up on Internet, wiki and HDF to explore into these two deities.

    In their worship you will also discover slowly that you are not alone at all: the traditions of bhakta-s are very real and continue to thrive to this day.

    Also, Yoga and Vedanta are both offshoots of Vedic tradition and therefore are rather complementary to each other. When doing Yoga, therefore, Vedantic paradigms are hardly applicable.

    Again, there is no such thing as Yoga apart from Hinduism. I am saying this because there has been ongoing efforts in the West to distort Yogic knowledge systems. Without Hindu deities there to support us at every baby step, and without committing honourably oneself to Hinduism that is Sanatan Dharm, what is the scope?

    But people are there to distort Vedic knowledge. Such kind are known as rAkshasa folk. One shouldn't fall in their trap (rAkshasa are also known to do a lot of Tapasya).

    To give a simple worship-meditation technique on Vel Murugan --
    Imagine the golden Vel (spear) in a vertical position with its sharp tip situated at a height between that of Anahata chakra and Manipura chakra. That being the best seat of prANa, concentrate the breathe on that. Every breathe then becomes worship offered to Lord Murugan. The other end of the Vel, however extends infinitely upwards and lets all realisations unfold towards the sAdhaka gradually over time, destroying all contradictions, dichotomies within and without.

    Things to remember:

    1. Life = yajña
    2. Depth of Āstika knowledge is directly proportional
    to the richness of Sanskrit it is written in
    3. Āstika = Bhārata ("east") / Ārya ("west")
    4. Varṇa = tripartite division of Vedic polity
    5. r = c. x²
    r = realisation
    constant c = intelligence
    variable x = bhakti

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    Re: Tailbone pain - locust pose/root chakra issue?

    Hello Vasily,

    I read your problem of your root chakra being imbalanced. Root Chakra also known as 'Muladhara Chakra' is the foundation Chakra. Reasons for blockage of Muladhara Chakra can be many. One of the most important reason can be that you might hate your body and you start feeling you are not good enough the way you are. You emotionally become instable. The most important fact is that this is the first chakra which gives you the sense of belonging. Imbalance of this chakra leads to weak physical structure and weight issues. I can suggest you for Chakra Therapy as chakras are our energy centres.

    Other ways you can stop the pain of Root Chakra is through Chakra Meditation, Sadhana and Aroma Therapy. Aroma associated to each chakra is effective.while meditating focus on tip of your nose that will help you to align the root.

    Many videos are available on youtube on each and every Chakra Sadhana and Activation.Other ways to balance the chakras are by Rudrakshas, Mantra Chanting and color therapy. I hope this information is helpful and cures your pain.

    Hari Om..

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