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Thread: Learning more about hinduism

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    Learning more about hinduism

    Hi friends,

    I have just discovered this very interesting and rich forum.
    As a European living in Europe, I've always been very interested in cultures and religions of India.

    The cutlural interest for Sanata Dharma came as I begin practising hatha yoga (asana, meditations, pranayama...) and learnign more about the significance of the asana. I recently went through the Baghavad Ghita and some books about Hinduism and India more generally (history, culture, tradition)...
    I have been very touched by Baghavad Ghita and the depth and reach of its significance (or at least of the very few I could understand). I felt like being transported or having discovered something I could not imagine.
    I feel like I need to know more about how to get the teachings / advice of Sanatana Dharma, on a non-practising/religious and cultual point of view (if this is possible).
    Starting to think out of the western dichotomy (heaven, hell) seems to be a beginning to better understand. starting seeing God in every living thing, trying to cultivate great value (honor, compassion, strenght, kindness) and being detached from the consequence of one's action and cycle of desire.

    Writting here and getting some advice (textx, scritpures), or explanations, recommendations, would be useful and kind.

    Big thanks friends for your help I really look forward reading you

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    Re: Learning more about hinduism


    Welcome to the forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rajahstan_88 View Post
    I feel like I need to know more about how to get the teachings / advice of Sanatana Dharma, on a non-practising/religious and cultual point of view (if this is possible).
    Bhagwad Gita is a good introduction to Hinduism which you already seem to have gone through. You might find some interesting things to read at,

    Online editions of various Upanishads is another source of scriptural knowledge. There is a vegetarian restaurant run by ISKCON in Prague that you might visit for some vegetarian Indian food. Other members might have additional suggestions for you.


    PS, We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Prague few years back.

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    Re: Learning more about hinduism

    Hi thanks for your answer.

    Thanks also for the very interesting websites.
    I am going to read more about Upanishads.

    Big thanks

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    Re: Learning more about hinduism

    Welcome to forum, do you have a particular interest in Rajasthan or did you just like the name?

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