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    Definitions: sruti

    or that which is heard. The veda's are this class of scripture or sastra ( from sas, to rule or teach). One may think this is the classical teacher-student ( guru-sisya) passing of information down from ones lineage or parampara (uninterrupted succession), yet is much more. Sruti is the actual cognition of satyam (truth, some call ritam) within ones own Being.

    This sruti is true prama, valid knowledge (from the root pra or before or forward + ma or to measure). This prama is considered definite and assures cognition of the truth that one can possess. This most notably is the characteristic of the rsi (rishi) that cognizes the Vedas. The Veda's are ajati or birthless, eternal. They are akshara ( from a or not + ksi or to destroy or perish) and the rsi cognizes (see's, hears) these truths within one's own consciousness.

    The rsi [there are approximatly 400 rsi's associated to the Vedas] who had this clarity of consciousness and are considered para-mukti or within the highest levels of moksha ( liberation, or possessed of the SELF). We too, as sadhu's have the same opportunity, as we possess the same faculties of consciousness for cognition/intution to manifest within our being.

    The rsi (he or she) is possessed of para-samvit, the supreme experiencing principle of the self-luminous knowledge facility. It is a level of Being that is not exhausted, limited or conditioned by time, space, cause or form. Some call this anuttara or the Absolute. This Absolute is akshara. It is also called avyakta (unmanifest) or not spoken. Here resides all the laws of nature in seed form, all the Veda's.

    Collected works of TV Kapali Shastri - The Book of Lights
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    Secrets of the Rig Veda - RL Kashyap
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    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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