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Thread: History of VRINDAVAN

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    Post History of VRINDAVAN

    Hare Krishna,

    I need information about Holy Vrindavan, the soul of Krishna devotees.

    If i am right, nearby Mathura carried the continuity as a living city but what happened in Vrindavan (and goverdhan, nandgaon, barsana, gokul) after Krishna left it 5000 years ago, Why it was lost and how it was rediscovered? How are we sure that Vrindavan and it's holy spots are exactly at the same place and match with the story they carry.

    Please enlighten.
    Hare Krishna.

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    Re: History of VRINDAVAN

    Jai Shri KRshNa

    Quote Originally Posted by Ved View Post
    Hare Krishna,

    what happened in Vrindavan (and goverdhan, nandgaon, barsana, gokul) after Krishna left it 5000 years ago, Why it was lost and how it was rediscovered? How are we sure that Vrindavan and it's holy spots are exactly at the same place and match with the story they carry.

    Please enlighten.
    Hare Krishna.
    Hare KRshNa

    What happened? KRshNa's close associates discontinued their manifest-leela (left with Him) but GokuL continued on -- next generations of Vrajvasis. It was never lost. The children you see in Vrindavan today are the newest generation. See my next post. Regarding your third question -- authenticity of teertha spots for the leelA -- that is something devotees understand as their understanding of Shri KRshNa develops by His Grace. Note the word I chose was 'understanding' not faith. May you be blessed with the understanding. The more you surrender, have faith the more you will understand.

    Vrindavan Mathura Dwaraka after KRshNa’s disappearance

    KRshNa’s great-grandson, VajranAbh, son of Anirudh (KRshNa – Pradyumna --- Aniruddha – VajranAbh) was corronated the descendent King of YAdav clan after KRshNa. Arjun took the women and children and old, and Vajra went with them. At Indraprastha Arjun crowned him ceremoniously. (Ref : SB 10.90.35-37)

    All original and first temples of Shri KRshNa were built by VajranAbh in the 80 kos Vrajbhumi.

    Vajra built several temples of Shri KRshNa around DwArikA, MathurA, GokuL, VRndAvan, and Chhatikara - outskirts of VRndAvan (The bus drops you off at Chhatikara, buses do not enter VRndAvan, only Rikshaws and private cars/taxis.)
    1. ChhatikarA – GaruD Govind Temple – OLDEST TEMPLE IN VRAJ-Vrindavan built by grandson VajranAbha. Four-armed Shri KRshNa VAsudev Dwarkadheesh, SatyabhAmA-RukmiNi sameta (with both queens on either side). Rare and only temple in Vraj with the mahisis (queens). GaruD came here and could not enter VRndAvan becs a sage had blessed KAliyA with fearless life in YamunA-doha guaranteeing GaruD will not kill him for prey. KRshNa also blessed GaruD here. This spot. Hence GaruD Govind.

    2. Dauji Temple (Balaram 6.5 foot) original: by Vajra. New: by a Seth Shyam Das ji of Dehli

    Several others around Dwarka and Mathura were built by VajranAbh.

    After His disappearance at end of Dvapar Yug, when Kali Yug began right away, VAsudev was worshipped intensely and intimately by the extended family members and devotees of His time. This was a close group.
    After centuries, the Mughuls destroyed many temples and mUrtis all over Bharat. Very unfortunate, but KRshNa made miracles even thru’ these.
    The MadanGopal that was secretly taken to Jaipur to save from the muslim rulers and replaced in Vrindavan by a replica. (Similar to how original Ranganath was buried by the pujaris and a replica installed).

    Revival of Vraj

    Around the 15th and 16th centuries Mahaprabhu VallabhAchArya, Mahaprabhu Chaitanya (GaurAnga) and His followers – shad-GoswAmi (6 goswamis), Swami Haridasji (for whom KRshNa manifested with Radha embedded) and other saints revived the spots, kunda (ponds, man-made) and areas in GokuL and Vrindavan where prominent KRshNa-leelA take place and that had kind of lost their significance in the eyes of people. (note my use of present tense as opposed to past -- more on this point later).

    Govind Dev temple was one of the oldest in the 15th – 16th century era built by a Rajput king -- Raja Man Singh.

    Like today we know Kesi Ghat, Kaliya-, Radha kund, Shyam kund, Vishakha Kund, Nidhivan, Belvan ... as such because of the prominence, the temples and the guides.

    By the way, surprisingly few know about the open-air most adorable KAnhA on a branch of a real original ancient tree right across Yamuna where He actually performed lila 5300 yrs ago. My Sweetheart. Even fewer know about the treasure in the garden of the Vrindavan Bihariji Mandir (dedicated to Baldau – Balram who is king of Vrindavan) right outside Nidhivan. There is a tree and a chabutara around it. A most adorable tiny baby hand has manifested out of the tree trunk thru’ a split gap. This is my Baby asking for Maakhan while hiding behind a tree during His time here. I don't know about others but I can even see His baby knee as He is crawling-on-knees with one hand out from behind the tree "Give Me some mAkhan" bAlam mukundam manasA smarAmi.
    The pujaris have reported the hand moving at times.

    Some prominent temples of GhanashyAmsundar Shri KRshNa since ancient times

    RaNchod Temple – at the spot where KrshNa and Baldau “ran from battlefield - raN-chor” becs they were bored of fighting Jarasandh’s army – actually it was due to the timing of Kalyavan’s army and Jarasandh’s army attacking at once. Hence the strategy.

    "Dau, you take care of our Dwarkazens, I shall tackle Kalyavan" (and fulfil prophesy around the sleeping Muchukunda at the same time – multiple birds in one stone as always).

    Dwarkadheesh Temple – main, jhAnki darshan. Here, the original letter written by Rukmini is read-sang each evening as aarati.

    Another Temple build by Vallabhacharya in Dwarka

    Havelis around Rajasthan, Gujrath built by Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya -- these are Shri NAthji (Shri KRshNa's) home, and not formal "Temple" where, like one Bhagvat kathakar said jovially "people lock Kanha as God and leave Him there all day and just give Him some "revaDi" to eat"

    ... more later.

    aaj biraj me holi re rasiyA...
    hori kelan tu sabrA chAr bhujA me AjA re, rAdhA-rukmaNi ke sang sAge lAje re, gokuL mathurA ni gAyA sage laje re, rang mat dAre re....
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    Re: History of VRINDAVAN

    Please note that Shri KRshNa performs leela in that very VrndAvan till date. The "revival" of the physical Vraj was for us mortals with mundane eyes. For the VrajvAsis, the leela is eternal there is nothing to revive as such. Same cows, peacocks, rivers, kund, hills, grass, trees, parrots...

    A secret on this auspicious day of Holi : Beyond the physical brick and mortar Vrindavan of today is the spiritual Vrindavan that Shri KRshNa graces with His Lotus Feet today along with Vraj residents of His time . If you look at the trees in Nidhivan, EACH tree is split into two broad sub-trunks surprisingly close to the ground -- this is one Krishna one Gopi. The Trees also seem to bow down towards the ground -- to the Lord.

    A bigger secret : VRndavan is in the heart. Rather this heart is in Manas-Vrndavan
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    Re: History of VRINDAVAN

    Thanks for your wonderful reply, it helped me a lot (and Sorry for the long delay in replying).

    Can you explain me little more about Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and six Goswamis. They revived many places like Radha Kund, Kusum sarovar, etc. Was Krishna instructing them in dreams about these places?

    And Original Vigrahas in temples of Vrinadavan and Jaipur, How they appeared? Are they from era of Krishna 5000 years ago?

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    Re: History of VRINDAVAN

    Dear Ved

    Please check your mailbox. I have sent you a PM.

    Regarding your question about the original Vigrahas (Deities) --
    I have already told the story of GaruD-Govind temple --- it was built by VajranAbha in his time a few years later -- after KRshNa finished His avatAr leelA (At which time VajranAbh was a child).

    For the story of the Vigraha of GovindDev which is now in Jaipur -- please read this post (UPDATED) :

    From this story, of how Vajranabh, KRshNa's great-grandson created 3 archa vigraha of KRshNa :
    1)MadanMohan, 3)Gopinath, 3)GovindDev (a.k.a. VajrakRt - created by VajranAbh), you can easily see how Rup-Goswami's Radha-Damodar was born : feet of Madan Mohan (just like KRshNa's) , Chest and arms of Gopinath (just like KRshNa's) and face of GovindDev's (just like KRshNa's). This way Damodar in that mandir is a copy of GovindDev because GovindDev was completely like KRshNa

    Why is GovindDev
    (from VajranAbha's time) in Jaipur today? He was secretly taken there from VRndAvan in the 17th century (post-Goswami leela) by a Rajput King, Raja Sawai Jai Singh II who built the mandir bhavan/palace for Him, to prevent demolishment at the hands of the Mughuls (Aurangzeb). In His place another mUrti was installed. Madan-Mohan and Gopinath were also taken to Jaipur

    For the details of other Temples/Shri Vigraha (KRshNa Deities) built by the Goswamis, please see this post :
    Most of these were personal seva-vigraha (worshippable Deities) of the 6 Goswamis and their immediate disciples. Several of the mUrtis in the post above were transfered to safer locations like Jaipur, Rajasthan and replaced by replicas.
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    Re: History of VRINDAVAN


    I have edited the story of GovindDev in the link in post above (on the Vrindavan-Mathura Trip thread). Corresponding EDITs in the above post in yellow-orange.

    Major point I had in mind but never mentioned is that as VajranAbh (KRshNa's great grandson) carved out Madan Mohan, Gopinath and GovindDev , each one was an improvement over the previous per input from Grandmother (KRshNa's daughter-in-law).
    So by the time he made GovindDev mUrti, it looked just like KRshNa to her. Therefore GovindDev ji is called 'VajrakRt' (Vajrakrit/krut) i.e. created by [the hands of] VajranAbha.

    Please click on this link for live darshan of our Dear GovindDev Ji
    || Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||

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    Re: History of VRINDAVAN

    And this is how GovindDev ji revealed Himself to RUpa GoswAmi 5000 years later :
    About Govind Dev Ji idol, Jaipur

    The idol situated in Shri Govind Dev Ji Temple Jaipur is of Lord Krishna and was called "Bajrakrit". According to a legend, the idol was created by the great grand son of Lord Krishna - Bajranabh. Bajranabh asked his grand mother to describe as how Lord Shri Krishna looked like. Bajranabh then made one idol of Lord Shri Krishna on the basis of description given by his grand mother. When Bajranabh shown this image to his grand mother, she said that only feet of the idol are similar as of Lord Shri Krishna. Bajranabh - the great grand son of Lord Shri Krishna then created another image and again shown it to his grand mother. His grand mother told him that the chest of this new idol is similar as of Lord Shri Krishna. Bajranabh then created one more idol, and this time the grand mother of Bajranabh said him that the idol is very similar as of Lord Shri Krishna.
    The first idol created by Bajranabh was known as Lord Madan Mohan Ji, the second one was known as Lord Gopi Nath Ji, and the third idol is called Lord Govind Dev Ji.With passing of ages the idols were lost from the memories of people and get buried under the sand of time.Later on, approximately 500 years ago, Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu - devotee of Lord Krishna took initiative to find out the holy places related to Lord Krishna mentioned in Bhagvat Purana. It is believed in Indian society that Chaitanya Mahaprabhuji was the spiritual incarnation of Lord Shri Krishna.In 1514 A.D. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu visited Vrindavan Dhaam - the sacred land of Lord Krishna. At that time, it had become almost jungle. After a massive work, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu discovered some of the holy places mentioned in Bhagvat Purana, but he was not able to stay there long enough. Then after, his two followers Shri Sanatan Goswami and Shri Roop Goswami went to Vrindavan Dhaam to accomplish the task of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu under his guidance.Later on, Shri Jeeva Goswami, Shri Raghunath Bhatt, Shri Gopal Bhatt, and Shri Raghunath Das joined Shri Roop Goswami and Shri Sanatan Goswami in their sacred task.As per a legend, in year 1525, Lord Govind Dev Ji revealed himself to Shri Roop Goswami on Basant Panchami at Goma Teela (famous place in Vrindavan Dhaam). At that time, Chaitanya Mahaprabhuji was living in Nilachal at Orissa. The news of manifestation of Lord Shri Govind Dev Ji was sent to Chaitanya Mahaprabhuji. He was not able to travel for Darshan of Lord Shri Govind Dev Ji because of his illness, so that he made a small idol of himself from Asht-Dhaatu (eight metals) and imparted his divine power in the idol. He sent his that idol to Vrindavan Dhaam with Shri Kashiwar Pandit. That idol of Chaitanya Mahaprabhuji made up of eight-metal was placed on the right side of the idol of Lord Shri Govind Dev Ji and named as Thakur Shri Gaur Govind.Emperor Akbar was the king who respected all the religions equally and built many of the Hindu temples during his reign period. In year 1590, Maharaja Man Singh of Amber built the world famous Red Sand Stone Temple of Lord Shri Govind Dev Ji Maharaj at Vrindavan Dhaam at Goma Teela where Lord Shri Krishna (Lord Govind Dev Ji) revealed himself to Shri Roop Goswami ji. Those days, Maharaja Man Singh was the renowned governor in the embassy of Emperor Akbar.

    About Govind Dev Ji Temple Jaipur

    It is a popular saying in Jaipur that the idol of Lord Shri Krishna transferred from Vrindavan Dhaam to Pink City Jaipur and consecrated at Suraj Mahal of City Palace during the reign of Aurangzeb. As the religious fanaticism was on peak during Aurangzeb, it was a major issue to protect the temples and idols of Hindu religion. At that time, the then caretaker of Govind Dev ji Temple of Vrindavan Dhaam shifted the idol of Lord Shri Krishna (Govind Dev ji) to Jaipur. In year 1735, the holy idol of Shri Lord Krishna consecrated at the present place of temple (Suraj Mahal of City Palace).

    Ved, you are lucky -- just what you were looking for.
    || Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||

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    Re: History of VRINDAVAN

    I think Ved is basically questioning this :

    CC Madhya 18.5

    tīrtha ‘lupta’ jāni’ prabhu sarvajña bhagavān
    dui dhānya-kṣetre alpa-jale kailā snāna

    Word for word:
    tīrtha — holy place; lupta — lost; jāni’ — knowing; prabhu — Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu; sarva-jña — omniscient; bhagavān — the Supreme Personality of Godhead; dui — two; dhānya-kṣetre — in paddy fields; alpa-jale — in not very deep water; kailā snāna — took a bath.

    The Lord then understood that the holy place called Rādhā-kuṇḍa was no longer visible. However, being the omniscient Supreme Personality of Godhead, He discovered Rādhā-kuṇḍa and Śyāma-kuṇḍa in two paddy fields. There was only a little water, but He took His bath there.

    This is why I said in the very first post (post #2) back in March ---
    Quote Originally Posted by smaranam View Post
    Regarding your third question -- authenticity of teertha spots for the leelA -- that is something devotees understand as their understanding of Shri KRshNa develops by His Grace. Note the word I chose was 'understanding' not faith. May you be blessed with the understanding. The more you surrender, have faith the more you will understand.

    This is because I do not go in search of something that my Lord did not tell me (although that is an understandable human tendency otherwise). I only ask Him, and know only what KRshNa wants me to know and the experience He gives is His kRpA-prasAd that is cherished.

    Therefore the only advice I can give is to search for BhagavAn Svayam. Surrender to Shri KRshNa till only He matters. You will discover Him in the heart.

    BG 12.2
    mayyAvesha mano ye mAM nityayukta upAsate |
    shraddhayA parayopetAste me yuktatamA matah: ||o
    (Those devotees who worship Me with utmost faith, their mind engrossed fully in Me, continuously engaged in thinking of and meditating on Me, in my bhajan (devotional activities like chanting and singing about Me), are the best among yogis i.e. among those who are in connection with Me, linked to Me (yuj) )
    BG 12.8
    mayyeva mana Adhitsva mayI buddhi niveshaya |
    nivasishyasi mayyeva ata Urdhwa na sauMshayah: ||
    (Engage your mind in Me, steady your intellect (buddhi) on Me. This way you will live in Me, no doubt.)

    BG 18.65
    manmanA bhava madbhakto maddyAji mAM namaskuru |
    mAmevaishyasi satyam te pratijAni priyo~'si me ||
    (Dear Arjuna, place your mind on Me. Be my devotee. Worship Me and offer praNAm , obeissances to Me. By doing so, you will come to Me alone. I tell you this Truth with utmost deliberation because you are very dear to Me [and I want what is best for you, I am your hitachintak] )
    BG 18.66
    sarva dharmAnparityajya mAmekaM sharaNaM vraja |
    aham tvAm sarva pApebhyo mokshayishyAmi mA suchah: ||
    (Offer and surrender all that you consider your duties, i.e. your dharma, kartavyakarma to Me and take shelter of Me alone, so that you depend on Me completely. I shall free you of all kArmic bondage, good or bad -- pApa (demerit) and puNya (merit) of deeds. Do not fear ! [i.e. I shall see to it that you are raised above and beyond these bondages to consequences of actions, and be peaceful , free of worry ] )

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