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Thread: Sticky for Authentic translations

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    Re: Sticky for Authentic translations

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    Re: Sticky for Authentic translations

    Namaste Smaranam,

    I did not mean to include the paragraph about when I was younger and fuller of anger.

    The problem I have is, I don't have anyone in person to share this with. It would be nice instead of being alone or being the Native Informant for people who don't understand (which is basically everyone else in Texas).

    You say that I show the basic tenets of SD. Do I go anywhere off that basis towards something? If they ask me, "Are you a Sanātani," I say yes? What if they say, "What sampradāya are you with?" Then what? "I don't have one?"

    Thank you for your answers. It is interesting to see how I subconsciously show those characteristics within SD without realizing it. You know, I had a dream last year. Nearly all of my dreams with people I don't know in this present life are like memories.

    I then find myself in a place where I am with friends, either someone's apartment or some place, like a meeting place that is owned by one of the friends (these friends are not in this life I live now). We walk outside, and it is dark. We walk by a group of friends going about separately for the evening, and we talk a bit, admiring the car and a child inside with the group of people (I know we were admiring SOMETHING, but I am not sure since the child popped up in the dream). At some point in the dream, that child walks up to me and hugs me with her face against my tummy and staying there. I don't know who she is. We walk on, to a small place and walk inside.

    Inside this small place, only about 20 feet by 30 feet or so, there are chairs like in a meeting place facing the front, and something up front that I did not pay attention to (feels like I saw it so often that I stopped noticing what it was, and I am unable to describe in detail what it is). One detail that I see on the front wall is a "relative time scale" gauge like that of a speedometer on a car, only rectangle with gold-colored division lines with gaps wider on the left side than on the right, and a similar-colored needle anchored at the bottom. There are no numbers on it (in fact, upon editing this writing, I notice the whole time there is no writing anywhere, no signs, no papers, nothing). The woman with a stocky build and long brown hair does something, and suddenly we see the gauge start registering to the right, and the walls all around us except the front become transparent, and the city scene disappears around us and becomes night with a rising sun out of the back left corner of this room. [what is odd is that the sun looks like a super-bright moon because the night sky does not lighten at sunrise]

    But, at some point, the walls are solid white as I get up and walk toward the back of the building, away from the seats, and that same woman has a wand of some sort and touches the wall with it, one section at a time (about 4 feet wide). Suddenly, there's a giant dinosaur rendered in primitive graphics in a landscape that we don't recognize. The graphic rendition looks like that from a video game circa late 70s, if it was done on a minicomputer with sufficient memory for some detailing of the image, if you can keep the idea of how simple it was on home computers of the time and be given a powerful computer to substantially make it look better. We can see that it has a wide-set head in blue, something yellow on top that is wide, and a beak that probably matches its body color, and it is not tall relative to its size, but it is very large, about 80 feet tall.

    As soon as the walls become transparent and we see this creature, it notices us and squawks at us in a low voice. It approaches the building, and I "indicate" at the woman to get us out of there quickly, but it is too late. The bird-like dinosaur already has picked up the structure with its beak just as the woman does something by the front wall, and that scene disappears. The building falls back to the ground. As we come to sit down again, I see the gauge moving to the limit on the right side, and something goes wrong.

    At this point, the whole scene I recall that this particular set of dreams has been at night or in darkly-lit places, not in an evil way, but lighting that is toned way down.

    Suddenly, I am in a public place as a result of the accident that is like a mall, and it's darkly lit, almost with black light [along the bottom edge of the walls] so that I can see people just from the luminescence of white or light-colored clothing. I find a woman I recognize, but she doesn't recognize me. I apparently know her as a very good friend, a thin build with a slight tan and short bobbed hair. I think she has brown eyes, and she's wearing a dress that reveals her shoulders. Anyway, I take her hand and we go walking down stairs, which are black-lit for our safety from the sides, trying to give details of her life, and she is surprised by some of the information, but some of it is wrong. At that point, she feels like she doesn't know me and wants to go on with her evening.

    Just as suddenly, I find myself back in the time room, which apparently disappears again, and I find myself in a labyrinth-like building with intricate painting everywhere. It seems just patterns of colors in an impressionist style with no define image of [a] scene or a person. It's beautifully done, using pastel colors. In the hallways, you see on the ceiling solid dark red with a gold rectangular border inset one-and-a-half foot from the edge of the side walls and the pastel colors inset within it. It's like a pattern of either different colors daubed on here and there closely together with very little white of the base color showing. This repeats itself down the hall about two-three feet apart. I see a monitor somewhere, where I can see men in turbans looking for something (me, maybe), and I feel like I'm trying to stay hidden, and I come to a section of the wall that has four doors like a closet with two doors, one on either side that folds when you would pull on a handle on either side, only there's no handles on these doors. You just push in the middle, and the doors fold open, and I quickly go in and shut the doors back and stop its to-and-fro movement to hide that I just passed through. The colors of the doors are similar, but there's a different pattern of the same colors. I seem to feel as though they are made of wood lacquered in honey yellow on the very edges.

    It's a small entry room that opens out to something similar to the first two hundred feet from the entrance of a mall, only retaining some of the warm colors of the walls behind those doors I stepped through. It appears that this hallway is gold-red tending toward yellow just a bit, enough to take most of the red out, in overall color of the walls and floor, and there are people sitting, standing, talking, etc. and I walk along. It seems it's light when I first walk into this hallway from that small room with the doors, but as I follow people outside it's night-time... I walk some distance and then turn left, walking beside the people into a neighborhood on a street which then turns right, and in between trees, I see a glowing cloud and stars in space. I exclaim just as I'm waking up to go to the bathroom, "Oh no, this is what happened 65 million years ago!" I realized at that moment that the time gauge of that room indicated that we were far, far back in time when it broke, I had the realization that the civilization that you and I live in now is not the first time we've reached this level of technology. It's happened endlessly, life after life. [I noticed that during this dream, no words were exchanged, only feelings and thoughts]

    I realize that we have gotten way off the intended goal of this post, but that's what tends to happen in my life.


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    Re: Sticky for Authentic translations

    Namaste Ancient

    I understand, everyone would like to share things with someone who understands.

    Quote Originally Posted by deafAncient View Post
    You say that I show the basic tenets of SD. Do I go anywhere off that basis towards something? If they ask me, "Are you a Sanātani," I say yes? What if they say, "What sampradāya are you with?" Then what? "I don't have one?"
    For all practical purposes, it is better to just say "I am Hindu" I don't think anyone will ask "Are you Sanatani?" They will ask "Are you Hindu?" acc. to me but I may be wrong.
    Generally it is not common to be asked "What sampradAya do you belong to?" It is not a natural Hindu way of conversing.
    If you do get into details of shAstra (scripture), you can simply say I follow the teachings of Vedopanishada.

    That was an interesting dream. Many times we dream of places and people that we have never been to and with in this life, and places that need not be on earth. They speak of a mixture of past saMskAra (past life) , connections cooked up the the brain in REM sleep based on current impressions, and messages given and things shown by the ParamAtmA or BhagavAn svayam.

    he govinda ~ ~

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