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Thread: Upgrade

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    Re: Upgrade

    Namaste Satay,

    There are several problems, not that bad, but you might want to look into it.

    First of all, I cannot upload any images from my computer, even though they are valid JPG files so that I can show you each of three issues with the web site.

    Problem one: several words on the right side of the image are run together with no room for separate displaying. That happens when text is zoomed upward (I have a later-stage cataract in the reading eye that is not yet operable).

    Problem two: In Advanced Search, notice the two warning text above the HDF banner.

    Problem three: Below that, you cannot enter text in the box directly below "User Name," and the layout appears broken up when zoomed upwards.

    Otherwise, it's working well.

    Oh, and when I try to do a search on threads I started, they do not come up. One I can think of is "What am I?" I end up having to search by my user name instead (and I have to type that in at the search box on the main page of the forum instead of advance search).

    The member directory is missing entirely, or the link is not in a place where I can find it easily.


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    Re: Upgrade

    'MembersList' can be accessed by clicking on Community (on the top tool bar) then selecting Memberslist from the menu.
    I have fixed the warning messages on the advanced search page and the random redirect webpage error.
    Still working on Albums and picture upload issue. The funcationality is enabled but not sure yet why it's not working. Will keep you posted.

    Thank you for your patience.

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    Re: Upgrade


    I have not faced login issues since yesterday. Thank you for solving it
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