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Thread: Is Mind the Converter of Consciousness to Energy ?

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    Re: Is Mind the Converter of Consciousness to Energy ?



    As I understand, unit level mind cannot perceive the lower level minds which contribute towards the unit level mind or any other minds whether lower upper or at same level and also the unit level mind is only one unit contributor to the next higher level mind.

    Cosmic mind is possibly several steps higher than our unit level mind. It's state is the sum total of all the states in the next level. So I feel it is right to say that individual attainment of turiya state might not mean the turiya state of the cosmic mind.

    However said, does Mahapralaya mean that there is no more cycle of birth ? If no then, at what level the Mahapralaya happens ? If birth has to happen again then there should be residual / potential cause for the next birth. This potential / residual cause cannot be at the lowest substratum consciousness level but at the subtle matter level (at least) if not at the gross level.

    This is more like the deep ocean. At deep ocean beyond certain depth, there is absolute stillness and that bears the upper layers. The upper layers starts where there is exchange of parameters. The surface can contain waves froths, icebergs, water vapour above it. In all of these there will be caves / pockets in middle zone where the water can be as still as in deep. So they do not contribute to the changes what is happening on the upper layers.
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    Re: Is Mind the Converter of Consciousness to Energy ?

    The mind experiences the energy as consciousness. Whatever we perceive, all that we don't, is energy. Energy creates, fuels, converts, governs, manages and, eventually, annihilates everything.
    A few personal experiences:

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