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Thread: Satinder Sartaj - A Gem of a Performer

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    Re: Kulli rah vich payee


    Following is the link to a sufi Punjabi song with some Urdu words.

    Kulli raah vich payee asaN tere, te aunda janda takda raveeN,
    (O God! I have built a small house on the path that You traverse; please bless it whenever you pass by)

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    Re: Satinder Sartaj - A Gem of a Performer

    I like your/Satinder's very first "Sai"
    Thank You

    Quote Originally Posted by Believer View Post

    For Punjabi speakers not familiar with Satinder, he is a very well educated poet/singer/musician. The soulful renditions of his poetry are worth listening to. He holds a PhD from Punjab University, Chandigarh and is a real quality humble person, free of any vices associated with today's singers/poets/performers. Youtube carries lot of his compositions as well as interviews conducted at different locations around the world. One such interview associated with his performance at Vancouver in 2014, is at the following link,

    His first recorded composition 'Sai' is at,
    || Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||

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