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Thread: Shastra is Pramana

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    Re: Shastra is Pramana

    Namaste Sriram257,

    I apologize if I sounded like I was charging you with something.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sriram257 View Post
    If a Sampradaya or lineage says do not seek and that seeking is a crime then yes I reject such a Sampradaya, I will definitely respect it, but I will not accept it as I disagree with it, having disagreements is absolutely fine.
    That is all I was requesting and begging you. Read it, Reject it if it clashes with your thinking/personality, but have respect for it and move on without calling it 'story like' or 'dogmatic'. That gets in the area of belittling another's sacredness. That is all.

    Whereas I concur that everything is in the realm of human experience, I beg to differ in that every soul can, after infinite reincarnations, rise to the level of the ancient seers. Personally I don't harbor any illusions about ever becoming like the sages who gave us our original scriptures. So, we will respectfully agree to disagree on that. Feel free to have the last comment on this topic as I am done with all I had to say.


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    Re: Shastra is Pramana

    Namaste Believer,

    I am sorry if calling the Sampradaya "dogmatic" or "story like" offended you, but please note that my object was not to belittle it, my main objective was merely to show differences in the way Shastra is looked at in different Sampradayas. Not to belittle it.

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    Re: Shastra is Pramana

    Dear Sriram ji,

    Thats ok... Language has its limitations. As long as we understand its fine. Though you did not explicitly mention it, i was not clear whether you are saying that are not ! It could be a problem with my understanding also ... language has its own limitations

    I think on the whole we are in an agreement

    Come up, O Lions, and shake off the delusion that you are a sheep

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