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Thread: Srimad Bhagvatam and on Tattvas

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    Re: Srimad Bhagvatam and on Tattvas

    Namaste HLK,

    I think you are right because Lord Krishna has emphasized upon Advaita nature of the Reality at many places in Srimad Bhagwatam. I also have tried to bring this fact in my post (no. 67) here

    In Chapter 28 verses 4 onwards He says :

    In duality, which is unreal, what is good or what is bad, and to what extent ? Whatever is uttered by tongue and conceived by mind is unreal.

    A reflection, an echo and an illusive appearance, even though unreal, produce same effect. So, do the things like the body etc. cause alarm till death.

    Therefore, nothing is proved other than the Self which is distinct (from the universe). The threefold appearance in the Self is proved to be without foundation. Know the threefold division consisting of Gunas to be but the effect of MAyA.

    Verse 36 :

    The delusion of the mind consists in this that it imagines duality in the Absolute Self, for except one's own Self, the duaity has no foundation.

    Verse 37

    It is the only people wise in their own conceit who consider this duality, consisting of the five elements and perceived through name and form, as irrefragable, and quite gratuitously assume the VedAntic view to be a piece of glorification.

    Chapter 29, verses 12-14.

    With a pure mind one should observe in all beings as well as in oneself only Me, the Self, who am both inside and out and unobstructed like the sky.

    O great soul, he who, taking his stand on pure knowledge, thus regards and honours all beings as Myself, who has the same attitude towards a Chandala, as well as a BrAhmana, a thief as well as a patron of the BrAhmanas, a spark of fire as well as the Sun and a ruffian as well as a kind man ... is considered a sage.

    Verse 17-19

    One should worship thus in thought, word and deed till one comes to look upon all beings as Myself. To such a man everything is Brahman, owing to the knowledge that comes of seeing the Self in all. Seeing Brahman all around, he is free from doubts and gives up all work. This looking upon all beings as Myself in thought, work and deed is, to My mind, the best of all methods of worship.


    in Garuda Puran, chapter 14, Lord Sri Hari tells Lord Shiva :

    I, now, tell you the Yoga which fulfills all desires and grants Moksha ....

    The Yogi should meditate upon Self in his heart and reflect this :

    "I alone am Vishnu. I am the Lord of all beings. I am the Infinite and I alone am free from the six urmis (i.e. sorrow, delusion, old age, death, hunger and thirst). I alone am the VAsudeva, JagannAtha and the Brahman. I alone am the Self living in the bodies of all beings and free from all bodies, the supreme God. ... etc. etc."

    It is a long narration and is fully Advaitic. Lord finally says, "By meditating thus one attains one-ness (SArupya) with God and there is no doubt in it".

    In chapter 236 of Garuda Puran, God says :

    Parabrahman is non-dual and therefore there is no other thing apart from Brahman. Waking, Dreaming and Deep sleep states are all created by MAyA and are therefore Mithya. Brahman alone is the essence of all things. The Self is Brahman. In reality, every Jeeva is Satya, Jnana (Knowledge), Ananda (blissful) and Ananta (Infinite) Brahman alone. Realising oneself as Brahman alone, Jeeva attains its real nature of omniscience.

    The way the cycle of world is beginningless, so is its root the MAyA of Lord. This MAyA is both Sat and also Asat. In VyAvharika it is sat and ParmAthika it is asat. Under the influence of MAyA, the birthless Bahman appears as this universe. .... In fact, name, form and actions etc. are only in-between and not in the beginning and at the end. therefore, though in VyAvhArika it appears as real, it is actually unreal in ParmArthika.

    "Om Namo Bhagvate Vaasudevaye"

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    Re: Srimad Bhagvatam and on Tattvas

    Hello devotee,

    Thanks for sharing these verses. I think Garuda Purana is Sattvika Vaishnawa Purana and interestingly it doesn't match with Vaishnawa Philosophy.

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