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Aside from discussing the nature of bodhi, Mahayana followers like me wonder if the varied Hindu paths emphasize the bodhisattva vow? That is, returning voluntarily after liberation, to help for countless lives the countless unenlightened beings?

the same principle exists in the Vaisnava Guru who when taking a deciple takes on that deciples Karma and himself vows to deliver the deciple , ..this means that the Guru must return for the sake of those deciples , allthough this point is not discussed so readily as it is in Mahayana Buddhism it is none the less present and active , ....

I slightiy fear that the aspiration towards Bodhichita has been promoted in the west in a way as to appeal to the western mind , that , in some ways there seems to be less empasiss on the initial attainment of the all important enlightened state of being , ....without which there can be no freeflowing of compassion .

In Hinduism the decision to take Sanyas (if taken genuinly) comes from that pure mind of Bodhichitta thus it is taken without the need to broadcast ones intentions , ...such is the nature of true surrender , .....vows such as these are between the Guru and his supreme Lord .

Too much focus on liberation and unity with the 'eternal, all pervading' atman will result in ignoring all other beings.

in some respects where personal liberation from ignorance and samsaric suffering occur Bodhichitta will spontaniously manifest , ...if not then as is deliniated with in the teachings of buddhism there are levels of temporary heavens from which the practitioner must eventualy return , ....but when realisation is utterly complete there is no return and no desire to attain heavenly realms only the pure mind of bodhichitta which canot do any other than manifest for the sake of Sentient beings , ....