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Thread: Sri Hanuman and Lord Shiva-Any relation?

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    Re: Sri Hanuman and Lord Shiva-Any relation?

    Hanuman is an amshavathar of Shiva who came in that form to kill Ravanasura . Again it is said that He is an embodiment of humility seva bhava and utmost bhakthi . They say, ''who ever worships Hanuman with total surrender would be blessed with , Buddhi , balam , yasho , dhiryam , nirbhayathwam , arogatha , ajadyam and vakpatuthwam. A loose translation ----- blessed with intelligence , prowess , fame, nerve and verve , non fearing ,no disease , no mental weakness and gift of gab .There could be some mistake in my translation as to the exact and appropriate word for which I beg your pardon .

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    Re: Sri Hanuman and Lord Shiva-Any relation?

    Namastey Ram11,

    Yes, Lord Hanuman is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Punjikasthala attendant of Lord Vrihaspati was cursed to appear like a female monkey and the curse could only be overturned of she allowed Shiva’s incarnation as her Son. Refer to this article for complete story.

    I have not seen Lord hanuman with shivaling So I don't know on this.

    ~Hari Om

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    Re: Sri Hanuman and Lord Shiva-Any relation?

    Vannakkam: I'm glad we have so many sects and viewpoints and are generally tolerant of each other. It makes for one of the strengths of our faith, the eternal sanatana dharma. But just to present the Saiva view here, not to start a debate, as it's been going on forever.
    Saivites believe Shiva is Shiva, and He has no avatars period. We generally think this idea of Hanuman being an avatar is one of taking concepts (the idea of avatar) from one sect and applying it to another. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it isn't the Saiva view. Yes, Hanuman is a model of devotion, and exists independently in the inner plane.

    Aum Namasivaya

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    Re: Sri Hanuman and Lord Shiva-Any relation?

    Namaste, I thank you all for sharing your knowledge on this topic and it seems that various traditions have different opinions.As Believer Ji said, it is somewhat difficult to create family trees of Devi-Devas and as he said in the end all are divine forms. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___ Sri Hanumanta is a very popular deity and I have observed that most Hanuman bhaktas are are very disciplined.Also,I have seen that many gyms today have pictures of Hanuman ji for inspiring people to be fit and healthy.There are many things one can learn from Sri Hanuman. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____ (EM Ji,what you say is true,Avatara i.e. Lord Shiva taking a human form/birth is not found in Shaiva traditions.However,Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati assume many forms(sometimes human like) for the benefit of world through a phenomena called as Lila or divine play,best example is Mother Parvati.King Himavan and Mena Devi did tapas and wished that Para Shakti be born as their daughther.The Shakti of Lord Shiva appeared before them in Vishwarupa(great cosmic form encompassing everything & having innumerable forms,faces,hands etc.).They requested that great Tejas to take the form of a lady and She became Hymavathi(daughter of Himavan) or Parvati(daugther of Himalaya Parvata Raja) with a humanlike form.Though there is no birth in the human way,she projected Herself as a person.This concept in Saivism is similar to Avatara theory found in other systems.The Saiva scriptures say that the purpose of such leelas is Loka hitam(for doing good to the world).
    He dances in the golden hall of Chidambaram, Let us worship His rosy anklet girt Feet.

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    Re: Sri Hanuman and Lord Shiva-Any relation?

    There are two references that I am aware of about the link between Hanuman and Shiva.

    In one, Lord Vishnu had taken the incarnation of Lord Rama to defeat Ravana. Knowing Ravana's powers, Lord Brahma realized that Rama would need help in that incarnation and hence he requested Lord Shiva to assist Rama. As a consequence Lord Shiva agreed to be born as Hanuman. However, it is believed that neither Rama, nor Hanuman knew that they were incarnations of the ultimate deities during their lifetimes.

    Apart from this story, Hanuman Chalisa which was written by Tulsidas while he was imprisoned by King Akbar also makes a reference to Lord Shiva. There are, in fact, two references to him
    1) "Sankar Suvan Kesri Nandan" meaning "Hanuman - the incarnation of Lord Shiva and son of King Kesari"
    2) "Jo Yah Padhe Hanuman Chalisa, Hoye Siddhi Saakhi Gaureesa" Meaning "Whoever reads this Hanuman Chalisa will be able to achieve perfection. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are witness to this fact" (This is a reference to the thought that any prayer to Lord Hanuman is automatically a prayer to Lord Shiva because the former is the incarnation of the latter. In addition, Lord Shiva's consort Goddess Parvati who always accompanies Lord Shiva also notices such prayers.)

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