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Thread: Energy, shakti, sannidhya

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    Energy, shakti, sannidhya

    Vannakkam: As most people who know me here, I'm a bit of a temple nut. Energy at temples fascinates me. Some days it feels stronger than others, some temples feel stronger, or different. People have differing experiences. There has to be a lot at play. One of the things that fascinates me the most is differences between people.

    Once I asked a Swami how come one person feels it more than the other. He told me there were 3 main factors at play, but also more.

    1) The general openness of the person to be able to feel it. (Apparently some people can't feel it.)
    2) The personal relationship of that particular deity to that individual. (Clearly people of a particular sect or sampradaya will be drawn to that deity. A Murugan bhaktar will feel it more at Murugan temples, while a Sri Vaishava will feel it more at a Venkateswara temple, while a Kali Shaktite gets more at the local Kali Mandir)
    3) The astrology of the day, or the general astrology.

    Some of the other factors that I could think of are:
    - illness, or general feeling (tiredness) of the devotee (I usually feel it more if I'm tired, but definitely not if I'm sick.)
    - the age of the temple
    - the devotional level of other devotees present
    - what you're there for, your praying concentration level
    - crowd or no crowd
    - the commitment or dedication of the priesthood
    - familiarity (this can go both ways - sometime walking into a 'strange' temple for the very first time can be 'awakening' and in a very familiar temple, you can relax enough to get into it
    - how the temple got established (as a business, by a need in the community, by mystic vision)
    - location of the temple, it's setting (in the middle of a city, on a hill surrounded by rice paddies)

    Thoughts? Any more factors?

    I can also get 'weird' unsettling energy at some temples. Last year Boss and I went to all the temples we could find in Vancouver (13 to be precise). There are only 4 that I want to go back to, the energy conducive to my personal taste/needs

    Aum Namasivaya
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    Re: Energy, shakti, sannidhya

    Namaskar EM ji,

    You mentioned once after I described a Temple I had been to that the training of the Pandit is also important. After some time and visiting several Temples I agree.

    I have been to one where the energy felt really bizarre and weird too. And one that had the feel of the kind of energy a child on too much sugar and caffeine has. LOL
    The Jyotirlingam Mandir I visited glowed like the heart of a galaxy, that was intense in a way it's hard to describe. Some temple ruins I've been to have what feels like the ghost radiation from that kind of vibrancy, a kind of ambient, gathering hush.

    What has Learning profited a man, if it has not led him to worship the good feet of Him who is pure knowledge itself?
    They alone dispel the mind's distress, who take refuge at the feet of the incomparable one.
    ~~Tirukural 2, 7

    Anbe Sivamayam, Satyame Parasivam

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    Re: Energy, shakti, sannidhya

    Thank you Em ji for making this post..
    And agree with you em ji and anandini ji..
    Considering temple, I have zero experience but I tried to feel energy before many years by some techniques so talking about energy-
    Energy is everywhere and everything is made up of vibration and that's why energy..
    Yes, everyone perceive energy differently and at different extent considering his openness as em ji already mention.. I think the main factors which are responsible for it are
    1. Ur condition
    2. Energy in non living things
    3. Energy come from living things

    1. Your condition -
    We perceive energy from different chakras, its depend how our chakras are more active to give the feelings he is receiving
    Sometimes we are engross in some thoughts and due to this we are become unaware of energy in atmosphere
    Like em ji said, when we go in temple of our deity (aradhya) there are much things we are emotionally attached and familiar with, by seeing this things you have a very positive feeling that ur love ur god is near you..
    Like if u go somewhere for vacations and living in others house or hotels, then u can't live there for much time and when you come at home as soon as u enter in ur house, u receive the energy of comfort and relax, and u forget the tiredness of ur journey
    When ur tired, at that time ur own energy field get little weak and atmosphere energy become dominant and u feel it more..

    2. Energy stored in non living things-
    Some people believe that the if any incident happen at any place or someone's feeling attached to any place, then this energy become stored in non living things and in atmosphere of that place, hence if any temple have built due to mystic vision have more divine energy than one which is built for society or charity..
    Our brain have ability to seek emotion in non living things also that's why we have some emotions to any particular things which make mould the energy within us to that emotion

    3. Energy in humans-
    Energy is neutral, but we are giving it positive and negative impacts by our thoughts, energy surrounding us get affected due to our thoughts..
    So peoples surrounding that place have great impact on that place, their thoughts affect the vibration of that place that's why we feel positive in temple and negative at place where there is negative thinking of some..

    If no one is going at any place or that place is famous for the bad incidence happen there so like this place where is so much dust of time and dust of fear, then negative energy trapped there and this places feels like haunted one like some castles.. Okay now I am going off topic..
    So atmosphere have great impact on our self, we can't create or destroy energy.. We can only transform it like newtons law.. So always radiate positive energy in whatever atmosphere u are...
    Aasato ma sat gamay
    tamaso ma jotirgamay
    mrityorma amrutamgamay
    (Bring me from asat to sat, bring me from darkness (ignorance) to light (knowledge), bring me from death to immortality)
    Om Namah Shivay
    Om Vishnave Namah

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