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Thread: Pilgirmages/Yatra in the past:A family memory

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    Pilgirmages/Yatra in the past:A family memory

    One of our relatives completed Kasi Yatra and returned home.Nowadays,we take prasada when people give us irrespective of the place or state of purity.In the past it was not so,I would like to share what my elders told me about how it was in their childhood.

    A pilgrim who came home after successful completion of the Yatra,was received with great joy and respect.An auspicious time was chosen and relatives,neighbours and all were invited to the home.The special box containing Prasada,Kumkuma,Vibhuti etc. would be worshiped and then the holy items were distributed.People would bow down to the pilgrims and take their blessings as they were said to have attained great punya by visiting Theertha Kshetras.

    Bathing in Ganga river is known as Ganga Snana and is considered a meritorious and purifying action as Sri Ganga Devi flows from the matted crown of Lord Shiva.Even now, whenever we go for dipping in any holy body we call it Ganga Snana and hold all sacred water bodies as forms of mother Ganga.There are special types of vessels to carry water from sacred rivers such as Ganga.One such is called 'Chembu' in our language.It was also used to carry drinking water in the past as there were no plastic bottles then.

    To go on a pilgrimages in the past was not easy as there were no forms of transportation like today and hardly any facilities.Yet many devotees journeyed from the south to far away holy places like Kashi,Kedarnath and some even to Kailasa-Manasasarovara.
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    Re: Pilgirmages/Yatra in the past:A family memory

    Vannakkam Ram: Thanks for this. Walking has gone out of habit. Still, it's quite possible. In the South, walking to Palani or Sabrimalai, especially, is still common. Some villages hold annual group ratras, so it is not uncommon to see 50+ people walking along in a group. On the way in by car, one passes many walkers. Others will walk the last 10 km.

    I think walking gives lots more time for reflection. Here in the west, not so much is done any more. People will drop their family off at the door before parking at the far end of the parking lot. All 100 metres seems like a huge distance to walk.

    Aum Namasivaya

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