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Thread: Kundalini Yoga Sucess

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    Jigar Guest

    Kundalini Yoga Sucess

    I want to share with others my experiences that have been reviled in my dreams. According to the Chakra Chart below I have experienced Heart, Third eye, throat and crown. Solar plexes, root and sacral are yet to be determined, but may have been experienced without realization. As a mattter of fact, I feel all points have been accessed. But where to go from here now? i wish i could control my chakras.

    Swas Tik hai,

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    Re: Kundalini Yoga Sucess

    Namaste Jigar,

    You might find the book A Kundalini Catechism by Gopi Krishna helpful. This book can be downloaded in pdf format at:

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    Jigar Guest

    Re: Kundalini Yoga Sucess

    Namaste sai,
    Chakra Hai Nasha Hai., Madhoshiyam.

    Om Karra,

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