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Thread: Little India in America

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    Little India in America

    Namaskāra everyone,

    Since it doesn't look like I would be moving to India, or even going there very soon. I'd like to know about the Indian enclaves in the US. I know of one in Houston, TX USA, as I used to live southwest of it for a year and to the west of it for 9 years. My work was on Hillcroft maybe about a mile north of the Māhātma Gandhi District, but I moved away two years ago. I'm wondering if there's another enclave in the north of Houston. There ought to be one, as there are two temples on the north side in addition to one being built now, southwest of Conroe. I will probably get to know more about this the more I know people.


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    Re: Little India in America

    Vannakkam dA ... I always use the google maps 'search nearby' function to look for temples, and /or restaurants, and/or groceries, or sari shops. Have you tried that? I tried with Houston, and got lots of hits in the central west area off downtown. That might be the section you were referring to.

    Aum Namasivaya

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