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Thread: Sadhana Panchakam:Five verses on spiritual practice by Sri Adi Shankaracharya

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    Sadhana Panchakam:Five verses on spiritual practice by Sri Adi Shankaracharya


    I found two books online having detailed explanation of Sadhana Panchakam by Sri Adi Shankaracharya.

    Pdf Links:

    1.By Nagesh D.Sonde (223 Pages)

    2.By Chinmaya (25 Pages)

    Sadhana Panchakam Trans­la­tion:

    1. Study spir­i­tual texts (“Vedas”) reg­u­larly and put into prac­tice their teach­ings. Wor­ship the Divine in that man­ner and give up the thought of desires. Wash away the neg­a­tive habit-energy and exam­ine the defects of worldly excite­ment. Hold on to the aware­ness of the Atman and leave at once your own lim­ited identity.

    2. Remain in the com­pany of the holy (thoughts, words, deeds; books, music, art; peo­ple) and strengthen your devo­tion to God. Cul­ti­vate the qual­i­ties such as self-restraint and give up all work prompted by self­ish desire. Approach those who are wise and holy, and serve them. Seek only the Imper­ish­able Being (“God”) and hear
    the words of the scripture.

    3. Reflect over the mean­ing of the scrip­ture and take refuge in its per­spec­tive. Keep away from vain argu­ments and fol­low the rea­son­ing of the scrip­ture. Always be aware that you are Brah­man and com­pletely give up all ego­ism. Elim­i­nate the thought of “I” con­nected with the body and don’t argue with the wise ones.

    4. Through the daily med­i­cine of alms, treat the dis­ease of hunger. Don’t han­ker after deli­cious food; be con­tented with what­ever comes of its own. For­bear the polar­i­ties such as cold and heat and do not utter use­less words. Do not expect kind­ness from oth­ers and aban­don all harsh­ness toward others.

    5. Live hap­pily in soli­tude and focus the mind on the God. See care­fully the infi­nite Self and notice how it elim­i­nates this fleet­ing exis­tence called the world. Through the power of con­scious­ness, dis­solve your past karma, remain unaf­fected by your later karma, and expe­ri­ence your present karma. In this way, remain estab­lished in the aware­ness of the Supreme Self.

    Trans­la­tion by Swami Tyagananda
    He dances in the golden hall of Chidambaram, Let us worship His rosy anklet girt Feet.

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    Re: Sadhana Panchakam:Five verses on spiritual practice by Sri Adi Shankaracharya

    Namaste Ram Ji,

    So much to consider, a total way of life is included in this. I have this printed out and use it sometimes in morning sadhanas or last thing at night, same as Swami Tyagananda, I thought I would include it because it has Sanskrit, the transliteration for those that cannot speak or read Sanskrit and then the English.

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