Namaste M.D.108 ji

I was replying to the views expressed by Ram(OP)

In His Anugraha Bhashanam, the Jagadguru said that Shastras talk about “Vidhi” and “Nishedha”. “Vidhi” refers to that which needs to be done. “Nishedham” refers to that which something that should not be done. What needs to be done and what should not be done is decided only by the Shastras. We cannot act as we please.

I agree fully with the above statements. Although our intentions should be to follow every rule my point was to ask what if the rules specified by SHASTRAS can't be followed by all people in all circumstances?

Example : Can a BP or a Diabetic patient observe Ekadasi fasting?

By means of flexibility I am not saying ONE can consume alcohol or indulge in vices. (Few months ago a member had asked if is OK to consume alcohol) That's common sense.

I am for evolving continuously. When we dig deeper the 'don't do' list will swell. For eg. Reading without understanding doesn't give any positive results. In that case before we pray Sri Raam we should first learn the complete meaning of the word Sri Raam. Can we define the immeasurable qualities of Sri Raam? If that's not possible can we adhere to all rules even if a doubt arise in our mind ?

When I was in LKG my knowledge was also limited. As I grew my ability and the conviction to stay away from EVIL also grew.

I don't remember the exact Sanskrit statements but as per SHASTRAS every prayer ends with a request to forgive the offences committed knowingly and unknowingly. Our Rishis wouldn't have added that statement(s) if the ultimate goal was not to evolve continuously.