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Thread: Festival Stampedes and Crowd Management

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    Festival Stampedes and Crowd Management


    During festivals lakhs of people participate.Recently,27 people in Rajahmundry and 2 persons in Puri died due to stampede.These deaths are unexpected & unfortunate and there should management systems in place to prevent such incidents and loss of life.

    One solution:Tokens can be issued to all visitors and people could go to the main location at the allotted time.In this way every one will get chance and sudden rush may be controlled.
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    Re: Festival Stampedes and Crowd Management

    Namaste Ram11 ji,

    I sincerely agree with you.This has become something here in India these days.Wherever we see great crowds we always get to hear a sad news that something like this has happened.The Management should make some provisions on how to control the crowd during these occasions.These are very unfortunate things to happen especially in these sacred festivals. The Government have announced to give 4 Lakh Rupees Each to the family of the deceased.

    Now the Kumbh Mela is approaching and I just hope the state government and the local authorities have done the arrangements to tackle the situations and there will be a huge number of devotees in the Kumbh Mela just like every time.Also,your solution is a good one but there can it be feasible? As people in India are always in a hurry to see their Lord and this reinforcement may not be welcomed by them.But there should be something done for this trouble as it is the need of the hour.

    Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram Ram Narayanam Janki Ballavam.

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