Namaste MD ji,

However India is not a white sheet virgin to internal injustice, thats the part I find hard to accept, the part where it is everyone else's fault apart from ones own, this is neither true nor in line with Dharmic knowledge. It may be worth some research that both the Moghuls and the British were invited to settle, not just for economic reasons but also to settle some old scores. If India was not so fractured and more united then the invasion and changing of culture would not have happened.

I like the way you call British people stiffs Believer, just proves you do not know anything about Britain, so lets keep this debate/discussion on a objective level with a small of degree of intelligence at least.
Does it mean the invaders had the right to plunder and had no moral responsibility.

If that's the case why did they divided Germany in to two after WW2 ? Do you think countries in the German camp were all EVIL and the rest were snow white? How many years did the world war last and how many years Brits occupied India?

If the torture chambers set up by Germans were inhuman, do you think imposing tax on the production of salt by Brits was an act of white Angel?

Did Hitler or Mrs and Mr 9 to 5 of divided Germany pay for the atrocities committed by Hitler team?

We can definitely compare the Snow White Angelic actions committed by the Invitee (s) and Hitler followers.

Also we will compare the same with the atrocities committed by the host on its own people under Indian Varna System.