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Thread: I have nothing much to complain about (in life)

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    I have nothing much to complain about (in life)


    I have noticed that Hindu forums, with the exception of some forums which are heavy Bhakti forums, tend to be a bit slow on regular postings compared to Muslim or Christian or Buddhist forums. I noted, with the exception of Bhakti forums but usually the activity on these types of Hindu Bhakti forums is more giving praises and devotion and not so much discussion.

    It occured to me, the probable reason. Of course, I am speaking for myself, but I noticed this among other Hindus I know personally, whom I interact with in realtime (verses on a forum).

    Personally, I have nothing to complain about. Sometimes, let us say it is a Christian or Muslim or Jewish or Buddhist forum, let us say I just open it to be curious, and that forum gets lots of postings every day from a huge and active participation membership, well... to be frank, most of it is complaining about something, personal problems or crisis, hand wringing, mental anguish and so on.

    Sometimes Hindu forums get that, too. Complaining about personal things, a "bad day (at the temple or whatever)", but over all most Hindus do not get on forums in the Hindu section and whine, or complain, or are in some crisis mode, personal auguish ... and so on.

    In fact, 99 percent never even go on a Hindu forum at all, or Hindu section of a forum.

    Now sometimes, I post a number of times on a Hindu forum, but then sort of drop off other than the "Happy (Hindu holy day)" posts or "Swami xyz was arrested" and just minor stuff you hear or say in the vegetable market. No reason, however, to jump into a Hindu forum and complain about something, or go on about some personal issue, or whine about a bad day at the temple, etc...

    Today, I was thinking, "I haven't posted in a while on Hinduism", and was trying to think of something to post.

    I couldn't think of anything. Because, in my life, I really have nothing to complain about. For some reason, other than bad teeth once in a while, nothing really much goes "bad", it is like I have this "lucky streak", never a crisis or where I need to run to Shiva or God and whine. Nothing. All is good. Just fine!

    And maybe this is true for most Hindus. No complaints. Nothing to complain to The Devas or Devi about. I mean, stuff happens, sure. Like, I got a parking ticket today. Sometimes much worse.

    But ... I don't care. Honestly. I am always having fun and adventures. I laugh a lot. I like to have lunch, I guess I am sort of a simple person in one way. Like my friends say, and how Devraj use to tell me almost every day after a lassi drink, "ShivaFan, you are always having fun. And you like a simple lunch, then you are happy. A samosa is happiness for you. You are a simple person. You never worry. You laugh at everyone and everything. You also like to take naps."

    I think that is it! Why most Hindus do not live in a Hindu forum. Well, sometimes in spats. But why there is "less action" on the Hindu chatter. Because a lot are like me. No problems. No complaints. Life is good. Jai Devi Maa!

    I am a Hindu.

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    Re: I have nothing much to complain about (in life)

    Namaste Shivafan,

    This is, perhaps, because we are taught : Nothing happens by chance. God is not partial. So, no need to blame God for anything. Whatever is happening to me is due to my own Karma and that tells me that I am the decider of my fate. So, the focus is on my own karma. Yes, we do ask for grace of God and we do pray to God for help. But fruit of all Karma that includes "öur prayer to God" is in the hands of God. ... and God knows better than me how my Karmas have to be worked out. So, why worry, whine or complain ?? Moreover, all our worries and troubles are due to our getting entangled with the powerful MAyA ... we are ever-blissful Atman and nothing remains the same for ever in this phenomenal world. Change is law of Nature. If something is good today, it will change tomorrow and if something is bad today then also it will change tomorrow. Let God take care of this law of Karma. Why worry unnecessarily ?

    "Om Namo Bhagvate Vaasudevaye"

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    Re: I have nothing much to complain about (in life)

    Dear ShivaFanji,

    As the title suggests, you are not complaining about anything as you have been blessed....! I empathize somewhat with those who complain as long as it does not get too personal or does not become a habit with the complainer!
    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

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    Re: I have nothing much to complain about (in life)

    Namaste Shiva Fan ji

    I am not sure how many poor people you met who are fighting hard to get the loose ends meet. And they can't access internet, that's a luxury beyond their reach.

    I differ with Devotee ji also. I ll make different post. Hindus (mainly from India) most probably don't complain because they have come to terms that such is the way. And those who live in developed world (along with the Indian Hindus who are well settled) are better off in meeting the daily changes when compared to those who live in India. So they know what it means to be poor, insecure and afraid of the unknown element that might jeopardize their monthly budget.

    Hopefully I am not offensive but the point here to be noted is to be aware of the problem than trying to shut our eyes.

    And then the those who continuously complain without any rationale behind are every where following all faith. For eg Sri Lanka (once a part og India) is a Buddhist and Hindu (2nd) majority society yet they are fighting civil war even today in different dimensions.

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    Re: I have nothing much to complain about (in life)

    Anirudh, Actually, I am not talking about poor people, who have every right to express their hopes and wishes for hope itself and freedom from fear. I am just telling the truth, that I personally have nothing to complain about regarding personal situations on a Hindu forum. For example, on a Hindu forum, usually I like to talk about the Names, Relations, Histories, Leelas of the Devas and Devi - one reason is that, for whatever reason, that is my “forte” if you will, I am not saying I am a savant of Hinduism, I am not a Vedantist, nor a great Yogi (though I do have sort of those mystic moments, for sure), I cannot give Sanskrit quotes from the Vedas (though once a long time ago I had memorized the Sanskrit verses of the Bhagavad Gita’s first three “chapters” of 18 among the Bhishma Parva section of the MB, and of course the entire Hanuman Chalisa, and so on… but all I know really, is the Ramayana which is very good even though I have read Upanishads, and of course many Puranas and so on).

    So some Hindus have “expertise” in this or that in Hinduism, be it Gita, or Vedas, or Yoga methods, Agamas, so much more, temple edicts and pujas, but yes my “forte” is the Gods … and bhajans. I am a simple but overwhelmingly trivia-centric person. Ask me about the Devas and Devi, I can be of help.

    So, I am a Village Hindu. I go to ALL the temples, no matter what “sect”. I love to learn the LOCAL traditions of the temple, and all the histories and Names of the Gods. That is what I am doing (in this life). The travels and adventures, the Siddhas, and so on. Very simple. So I might talk about that on the Hindu forum. But not that I am poor and need money. As for food, I beg my food from Annapurna. Honestly, if I wish, I seem to always get it.

    Yes, I am rich. But many do not know me. My entire life, well, you would not necessarily want to be in the places I have been if you are timid. Once I wrote a popular “book” that was very popular in my “circles” and at the University. It was called “My Summer Vacation in the Tenderloin”. The Tenderloin is not a “nice place”. I was never poor. But I was just going about, here and there, with devotees and Hindus and spiritual wandering souls, perhaps some were good, some not so good. I know Calcutta, very, very well. I might have been “hanging out” in places in India that even other Indians might not.

    I have had many friends. Oh, some died along the way.

    I know poor. Even though I am rich.

    Anirudh, in this age, you will always have the poor. Those who are, are not any less Hindu to me. If you are a Hindu, you are what I look for. All my life, I go about, here and there. Looking for them. I find them. In all sorts of places. Good places. “Bad” places. I don’t care. All I want is to be with Them.

    I have no complaints. Other than bad teeth (decay, but not “that bad”). Even when bugs crawled on me in some of those, very bad, hotels – that is just part of some of the adventures I guess. You know, some wonderful Hindus I met, were, I guess, sort of like criminals. But they had some great altars. I love being with Hindus. And when me and my friends go on adventures – they never, never forget. Sometimes it can be a problem. Because in one way, it is the adventure that counts. Then, they might like to relive “old times”. But in one way, I am a loner, too. Walking down the path. But a sing along is nice.

    My greatest wealth is – all those Hindus. But I don’t get on a forum and complain… much. Life is good.

    That is all I am saying.

    Today I think of Mother Annapurna, Who gives me Food. Jai Devi, Great Goddess! Queen of Kashi.

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    Re: I have nothing much to complain about (in life)


    All I see is that the OP feels happy with his life and is expressing his gratitude to the devas. He enjoys the company of Hindus, no matter how good or bad they are, visits every temple he can and strives to live a Hindu life. Must we analyze such nice sentiments expressed by a member?


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