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Thread: Is it offensive/frowned upon to reference Hindu iconography on a t-shirt?

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    Re: Is it offensive/frowned upon to reference Hindu iconography on a t-shirt?

    Quote Originally Posted by Believer View Post

    I am really okay with that. Most of us like to have our peace of mind and look the other way when something unpleasant does happen. But we should not discourage others who may want to do something about it. Untold number of Hindus ate the McDonald's vegetarian french fries, only to find out one day that it was all a hoax and they were actually fried in animal lard. And there are other similar issues that activists have taken up. I don't get directly involved with such organizations, but I do support them and I do salute them. I understand that they are working on my behalf, and when I shy away from getting involved to keep my peace of mind, somebody out there is doing what I should be doing too. But I don't. Shame on me.


    PS, Sorry if I sound harsh. I don't mean to, but it is disappointing when we don't even support the people who do stick their neck out for our culture, for our religion, for our identity!

    Sorry for the delay. My settled position is I don't like it when our icons and symbolisms wrongly or inappropriately but I must defend their right to do so. As a byproduct though it also creates a moment to teach people about our phil.
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    Re: Is it offensive/frowned upon to reference Hindu iconography on a t-shirt?

    God is spiritual. Our body, clothes, etc. is material. If we get involved in this material world with a mind, body and soul directed towards the Supreme, that material object automatically becomes divine and spiritual.

    This is why I don't see a problem getting Hindu designs on T-Shirts.

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