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Thread: Did India war with Egypt in the distant past?

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    Did India war with Egypt in the distant past?

    Namaskāra everyone,

    I've a question, as I have tried to find here and elsewhere as to the possibility that India and Egypt had a war, and it looks like India won out because there is continuity in Sanskriti, but not in Egyptian (needed a Rosetta Stone to understand the Hieroglyphics). Did it happen?


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    Re: Did India war with Egypt in the distant past?


    I have never heard of that.
    What brought that up? Am curious.


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    Re: Did India war with Egypt in the distant past?

    Namaskāra Believer,

    I don't know... I just notice that there was a science fiction TV series on Stargate SG1, which was about finding that the gods of Egypt were really aliens who posed as gods to trick and enslave the people, and it got me to wondering if this show was not only meant to reveal to TV viewers that there's the possibility that there's more to the story than official archaeology lets on, BUT to also deflect attention from India's past as an advanced civilization. I don't believe there's any mention of India in the entire series that I can recall (I watched EVERY SINGLE episode and still have the entire series on DVD in storage). For some reason, when I do the lip-pulsing meditation that I do every day, I get a sense that there is some mixing of Egyptian and Indic cultures. It really feels like something happened between the two. It seems like there's some saṃskāra within me. Maybe I lived in Egypt at one time and in India at another time in unrelated lives??

    You see, Egypt's status as Ancient Egyptian history is "safely dead," whereas India's status as Ancient Indic civilization is definitely not dead, (though the Westerners are trying very hard), hence the deflection of attention away from India's involvement as science fiction like Egypt was portrayed in the TV series.

    Be on the look out for Rajivji's New book, "The Battle for Sanskrit," which should be coming out in October. It discusses what is being done with Saṃskṛta in order to disconnect it from Indians via a western perspective on the language.


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    Re: Did India war with Egypt in the distant past?

    Of course there is ample evidence from thousands of years ago of interaction between India (Vedic, Puranic, trade, science, agra) and Egypt ("ancient", Pharaoic, trade, agra), much of it cooperative, some "tribes" which were more Indic or Aryan also fought with Egypt but these are not fully Vedic so though I may be wrong, there doesn't seem to be a major war.


    Keep in mind, typically India has been seen as the ruby or star to those further West, an attraction and an object to enter into or invade in some cases but really, outside of some Islamic invasions, even invasions were really weighted as part of an attraction, perhaps rooted in the DNA of all civilizations, as seeing India as a Mother and wanting to take Mother back as a hostage and force Her to be "their Mother to Her children" as crazy as this sounds. So if there was any "War" (with a Capital W) between Egypt and India of times long ago, it would likely be this pattern with Egypt invading India and less so India invading Egypt.

    But my interest in this post is none of that, but rather the idea that the West "favors" perhaps Egypt over India in terms of various "Oriental" societies of "study" and reflected in "modern" theory of Gods origins and inclusive of some ideation "Gods live out there (in space, other universe, etc)" and "not just here" and Gods "visit us from 'out there'".

    I do not think there is an overtly bias towards ancient Egypt - there were some historical events such as the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb in modern times that sparked a keen interest in ancient Egypt among the masses (it even impacted the fashion industry), and a keen interest spanning into the 1970s with the US tour of Tutankhamen artifacts - I myself went to the tour back then in S.F. and again later in a second tour in the 2000s. But the vast translations of Hindu (largely) as well as Buddhist scripture from India, collection of artifacts, coins, the study of historical evidence, albeit often naive and sometimes couched in "Christian" verbiage thrown in here and there by "scholars" who effectively had become Hindus but were afraid some others in position of "granting money" that, literally, fed their belly and their families so they in cases would disguise their obvious Hinduism with Christian words, but there is no denying the interest in India and particulary India as the Mother of Religion and philosophy was HUGE among these various "Oriental Societies". Oriental meant looking East in orientation, where "the sun rises", India was the "star" and there is no question of a huge fascination and attraction, and so also Egypt but Egpyt was more of a cultural fascination among the general population after the "King Tut" discovery, even prior to that to a lesser extent with the cultural awareness of the Pyramids and Sphinx (Napolean times) - but India also came not long afterwards as a fascination to common farmers and working class in the West, not just intellectuals and "scholars".

    When times become a struggle, wars, economic turmoil, etc., the common people need to spend all their time and focus on just living or even in some cases just surviving. They don't have time for India, or Egypt, per say.

    But one thing is for sure. India, the landscape of Hinduism, is now a permanent fixture in the minds of this age, no matter what. It will only grow.

    India is still the ruby, the star, in the "DNA" of the West. India should not be surprised if the "children" come univited once again looking for, and demanding the attention of "their" Mother - even if they pull Her hair to get it.
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