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Thread: Audio CDs relating to Vedas

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    Audio CDs relating to Vedas

    I am looking for CDs and audios that are related to the Vedas and has a Hindi, English or Bengali translation with the Sanskrit. Any suggestion on what I should listen to?

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    Re: Audio CDs relating to Vedas

    Namaste Datta

    Are you interested in the actual Veda SaMhitas or "CDs that are related to Vedas" (which can mean anything under the Hindu Ved shAstra umbrella) ?

    I was a little amazed that you asked this question since I acquired a 4-DVD set of the 4 Vedas -- very recently -- less than 20 days ago.
    Each DVD start with an introduction by a person followed by direct shlokas from the saMhItas chanted by VedpAThak BrAmhaNs from VArANasI and KarnATak, with Subtitles in your chosen language : Hindi, English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Portuguese

    IFFCO FOUNDATION "Routes2Routes" -- created by Times Music Made in India Rs. 1000

    Where are you located ? You can send me a PM -- may be able to help.

    Also, now that I think of it -- may start a thread on what was learned, absorbed and experienced thru' this wonderful DVD set. Over a period of time. This needs time.
    || Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||

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