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Thread: Tulsi problem

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    Tulsi problem

    My tulsi did not grow for a long time. Now Im not sure.
    I hope this could be rama tulsi because of the jagged leaves and the blossoms. Anyone an idea?

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    Re: Tulsi problem


    You are not alone. This is common in the beginning.
    Tulasi is Shri. A form (rUpa) of Lakshmi and is delicate.
    Over-watering is a common cause. Even a little extra water is over-watering. The soil has to be just wet, not soggy and clogged that prevents air from reaching.
    Not enough sunlight is another cause.
    Too much sunlight is not as much of a cause but a dehydrated Tulsi is not going to do well either.

    Best is to transfer Tulsi from the small pot to a larger pot at first so if you live in a very cold winter region, you can bring Her indoors
    Basically a potted Tulsi is portable and can be shielded from seasonal changes, severe climate and weather
    If you keep Her indoors during a part of the day, make sure She gets enough sunlight and not too much water, plus some fresh air.

    If your lifestyle/profession requires that you leave home locked for days often and no one can care for the Tulsi it is not a good idea to grow Tulsi. This is not to discourage, where there is Love and Devotion, there is always a way. Something creative.

    You do not need a lot of keywords to find a wealth of information on caring for Tulsi on the internet.

    ****** However, all this is the outer surface practical information. Mechanics. Underneath which lie the rhythms of spirituality
    Tulsi is just like Lakshmi Devi (and rightly is one of Her forms). She leaves as quickly as She comes unless you nurture Her carefully.
    She bestows bhakti, even prema and this can be significantly felt thru' one's consciousness as Her doing. At the same time, She also observes and sees how devoted we are.
    If by chance one neglects Her, they have lost Her and Her mercy -- for the time being.

    Good luck. Pray to Shri KRshNa, who is NArAyaNa a.k.a. VishNu, and to Tulsi also, who is wedded to Him.

    vRndyAyayi tulsi devyAyai priyAyai keshavasya cha |
    KRshNa-bhakti prade devi, satyavatyai namo namah: ||

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    || Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||

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    Re: Tulsi problem

    Yes, the weather is a great problem and I think I gave her to much water.
    Thank you for the instruction. I´ll try that next year. Maybe its working

    And back to the picture: What does it look to you? Tulsi? Or evil twin?

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    Re: Tulsi problem

    Quote Originally Posted by PestThurse View Post
    And back to the picture: What does it look to you? Tulsi? Or evil twin?
    Namaste ji,

    Looks to me like Krishna Tulsi, aka:Shyama Tulsi, or purple Tulsi, not Rama Tulsi, aka: Shri Tulsi or bright-Tulsi.

    Ram Tulsi is all green, the leaves are thicker and more lush than Krishna Tulsi and the serrations on the leaves are less pronounced. The stem is green to beige and the flowers are white or sometimes pinkish.

    Krishna Tulsi has thinner, softer and more delicate leaves, with more pronounced and sometimes deep serrations in the leaflet, this gets more obvious as the plant grows and matures. The stems and flowers are purple, the flowers are a bit smaller than Rama Tulsi flowers, and the higher more mature leaves take on the deep and rich purple tone that gives Her the name 'Shyama' or 'Krishna'.

    Here are some comparison shots of the Krishna Tulsi that lives in my home. Note how even the veins of the leaves, even on the bottom, green leaves, are themselves purple:

    Weather really shouldn't be too much problem. Bring Her indoors and put Her near a south to southwest facing window before your first frost - She can take temperatures down to frost, but not frost itself. In fall, I bring in my Tropical plants for the night once frost hits and put them back outside in day until the temp gets to 42 degrees F or below.
    Only water when soil is completely dry, if you're not sure, dig your finger into the soil at the edge of the pot to two inches. If it feels moist at all, you still don't need to water. I usually wait till I see signs of dehydration in the leaves, but not drooping - with practice you will notice these signs too.
    Do not fertilize before winter, put a tray with water under Her and some rocks in the tray, the pot should sit on the rocks so that the base of the pot doesn't touch the water - this will provide humidity in the winter as heating indoors can make the air very dry.
    If She looks stressed, experiment with a UV grow lamp to give Her a bit more light, and maybe mist Her leaves every now and again for a bit more humidity.

    Do these things and She should make it through winter just fine. She may lose some leaves, and probably will not grow much if at all, but that's ok, it's a form of dormancy. You won't need to water much because of that. Your Tulsi is still alive in your picture. She will spring back stronger than before, if you save Her. It's very worth trying.

    Oh, and indoors and heating, keep watch for pests like spider mites. Nip those right away if you see any.

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    What has Learning profited a man, if it has not led him to worship the good feet of Him who is pure knowledge itself?
    They alone dispel the mind's distress, who take refuge at the feet of the incomparable one.
    ~~Tirukural 2, 7

    Anbe Sivamayam, Satyame Parasivam

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    Re: Tulsi problem

    Thanks for the long text and the pictures. Your tulsi is sooooooooooooo beautiful
    My is in the house now because its looking worse.
    But I will try my best. Thank you

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