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Thread: Meditating with Rudraksha Mala for Chakra Activation

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    Meditating with Rudraksha Mala for Chakra Activation

    Namastey all,

    I know that Rudraksha beads are divine beads, Lord shiva's tears and helps in spiritual empowerment. Since then, I have started chanting mantras on a Japa Mala as chanting mantras on a Rudraksha Malas helps in activation of Chakras. But for detailed study of Chakra activation I need to sit in a state of 'Samadhi'. But what actually is 'state of Samadhi'? or is there any other way by which I can Practice meditation for keeping my 7 chakras balanced ?If anyone can help on this I will be of great help.

    ~Hari OM

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    Re: Meditating with Rudraksha Mala for Chakra Activation

    I do not know much more about this. But what I know is that for meditation and self control one needs to go inside of oneself means meditating on peaceful. For this one should follow some master or teacher who can teach more about chakra meditation.

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    Re: Meditating with Rudraksha Mala for Chakra Activation

    Namastey ramnayar,

    I really thanks for your suggestion, but I want to know about rudraksha mala effects which I think included with balancing or controlling one minds.
    Chakra Healing with RRST!!!

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    Re: Meditating with Rudraksha Mala for Chakra Activation

    Vannakkam Suhita: As far as i know, this is incredibly advanced yogic and tantric stuff you speak of. Yes, in the new-age community they talk about it a lot. That's 'talk about it', and it doesn't necessarily mean they are actually succeeding in doing it. By close observation of behaviour in fact it would seem otherwise. Someone prone to anger, bragging, and argumentation isn't living in the higher chakras, at least according to any descriptions I've read of it.

    Samadhi, according to Patanjali's 8 steps, is the final stage, the culmination of lifetimes of yoga. So the idea that a person can just sit down, enter samadhi as if it was a coffee shop, seems a bit 'out there' if you get my drift. For the advanced yoga adept with a qualified Hindu Guru/teacher, perhaps.

    Traditionally, many Hindus don't explore this much because they are too busy working on more preliminary stages like basic dharmas of life, seva, some humble bhakti, and all that.

    I've personally been doing daily rounds of my mantra now for well over 30 years, with rudraksha. If there has been change, it is practically imperceptable. Either I'm not doing it 'correctly' or spiritual progression is meant to be slow and steady.

    However, if you do want to explore this and talk more with people who do talk about it a lot, I would recommend a forum called 'Spiritual Forums'. There, this is a more primary subject for discussion than it is here. Still, if it was me, I'd approach it with caution. Best wishes.

    Edited to add: As far as I know, chakras are always active, it's just that we're not consciously aware of it.

    Aum Namasivaya
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