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Thread: Looking for a myth from Kerala

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    Looking for a myth from Kerala


    I love Indian folk tales and myths.
    There is a story from Kerala about Vararuchi, who had 12 children from a paria woman.

    Their names are Melattol Agnihotri, Rajakan, Peruntachan, Vallon, Vayillakkunnil Appan, Vatutala Nair, Karakkal, Uppukuttan, Pananar, Naranath Branthan, Akavur Chattan, Pakkanar.

    Until now I found only the lifestories of Pakkanar, Naranath Branthan, Akavur Chattan and Peruntachan.

    The others I found mentioned, but not as a detailed story of their life.

    Can anyone provide me the stories of the missing 8 children?

    Thanks - pranam
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    Re: Looking for a myth from Kerala

    So interesting - I shall ask an Indian friend about this.

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