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    I’m not really sure what I’m looking for but I thought I’dask anyway. I started reading an old translation of the Upanishads from Gutenberg.It’s an amazing little book. I guess I’m looking for a more modern translationwith commentary and word helps, maybe a concordance in the back. Could someonerecommend an edition or series? Thanks

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    Re: Upanishads

    hari o


    I would suggest any/all upaniṣad-s that are translated by svāmī muni nārāyaṇa prāsad.

    How many
    upaniṣad-s are there? Is there a core list? Is there a brief description of what each of these upaniṣad-s may cover ?
    This post will assist:

    Also, Oxem - if you would be so kind as to begin your posts with a greeting, a hello, some salutation, it is appreciated. It has been our custom now for some 9-10
    years and we ask you join in on this approach.

    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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    Re: Upanishads

    Types of Upanishads

    Isha Upanishad
    Kena Upanishad
    Katha Upanishad
    Prashna Upanishad
    Mundaka Upanishad

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