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    if there's anyone who practises meditation using a mantra, or by chanting a prayer like the Rudram - is it common to feel a strong rush of energy after a session? Head spins , or you feel a bit giddy and unable to go back to routine immediately? It's only been happening of lAte, it had a very soothing and calming effect on me earlier.

    I feel a bit silly asking, since I am told to not give importance to these things, but I can't do anything for 10 mins after I finish a session.

    Thank you.

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    Re: chanting meditations/ mantra meditations

    Dear friend ,
    Actually when meditation is done with single minded devotion with manthra , the mind becomes very calm with unexplained bliss . May be with chanting of prayers it could experience rush of energy. The reason could be a sort of elated feeling borne out of sense of fulfilment .

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