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Thread: I been having some interesting dreams that I would like to share as well...

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    I been having some interesting dreams that I would like to share as well... having them interpreted by anyone who feels qualified to do so.

    (First I will say im not from a hindu background I am willing to get deeper into this faith based on some of these dreams
    I have been having which were revealing things to me of the Gods which I never knew before having
    the dream also I am living in usa of christian background)
    I had a dream of a child with a inverted 3rd eye
    like Lord Shivas it opened up on me and I was engulfed in colors his hands were stuck out and there were
    eye balls in the palm of the hands on the palms it looked like henna was written on the palm which I now know Lord Brama has
    this dream wasnt a bad expereince nor was it good but when I had this dream I had no knowledge of Shiva or
    any hindu Gods for the matter I only know a very little amount now from my GF

    my 2nd dream is with Bajrangi (Hanuman) I am a follower of hanuman I am not a devotee nor am I a huge
    practicer of Hanuman I am a recent follower, all of Hanuman I Know is that Shiva blessed him from birth
    (I have stopped eating meat as to follow him) last night I had a interesting dream.
    In this dream I had I wasnt myself I was a man and I was in a car with a a bunch of people and
    out of the window of the car there was a gorilla and a tiger fighting, to the left of us was a house which would save us
    from the animals, one of the passengers of the car said "If you run out and say your insecruities they wont mess with you"
    all the passengers of the car did this but when it was my turn I didnt so I stayed in the floor of the vehicle
    some time passed and the man which was me in the dream pulled out a gun and laid low a baby monkey was in the back window
    of the car so he shot it and killed it and killed 2 more that were in the front of the car, after a while the man
    ran away and ran pass a body of water (enough to drown in) after awhile he got to a large hill with lots of green
    grass covering it he climbed into a tall tree and tried to seek refuge there when some monkeys came (the monkeys
    you find in india the type with silver/grey fur) and somehow
    made the the tree uproot and fall crushing the man, In the this dream I felt that the man was evil for killing
    the child monkey after this I ended up back in my real body still in this garden forest area there were fruits on the
    ground some of which rolled at me violently as if it were alive and there were black monkeys with black knives in there
    hands trying to hit me but I was not harmed and I manage to get ahold of the black knife and tried to cut the fruits
    but I could not cut it my knife for some reason missed the fruit each time, somehow I was teleported back into the
    modern world were I was in the room but the people could not see me and I saw on a computer screen with two pictures
    one was of a statue of buddas face and the other was a idol of a goddess with around 6 arms positioned
    in different directions the dream soon ended after that but my gf who is hindu showed me there were some things about
    hinduism carfully put into the dream which I could never have known about before but if its worth mentioning I
    listened to a few Hanuman chalisas which states "Jae hanuman" "Jae hanuman gyan gun sagar"
    and I repeat this in my head alot. If you can give me your interpretation of these dreams that would be appriciated
    and if you want to teach me more about hinduism hanuman, shiva and Give me advice from time to time about hinduism
    I would be interested in this, there is a mantra you repeat and hanuman will apear to you and I am afraid to say this
    mantra just yet, some time in the future I will chant it to see if he will apear to me but right now I am not ready
    for a visitation .

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    Re: I been having some interesting dreams that I would like to share as well...

    Namastey Mata,

    Since you have started knowing the basics of faiths, cultures and beliefs of Hinduism you should refer to these more. In Hinduism rituals, traditions and Gods/Goddesses are considered important. Having complete knowledge about all the Gods in Hinduism is somewhat very challenging as Hinduism has 33 crore Gods/Goddesses. Firstly Lord Shiva is known as Rudra, Mahamrityunjaya and many more.

    In Hinduism people and followers of Lord Shiva worship him by wearing Rudraksha and celebrating festivals all associated to Lord Shiva.'Rudraksha' are considered as Lord Shiva's tears.
    You can refer for knowing more about him.

    my 2nd dream is with Bajrangi (Hanuman) I am a follower of hanuman I am not a devotee nor am I a huge
    practicer of Hanuman I am a recent follower

    Since you are a recent follower of Lord Hanuman you must chant Hanuman Mantra. You must refer
    This will help you knowing more on Lord Hanuman and his significance.

    ~Hari Om
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