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    Meivazhi follower

    Namaste to everyone,

    I'm sorry to post this, but I really would like help in understanding what is going on. Yesterday, at temple, I ran into a man, and I found that he is a follower of Meivazhi. He told me things that did not match up with SD, and in fact, he put in a link on my phone to the wikipage on it. It's so little known to me (never heard of it before) that I cannot ascertain the relationship between that and SD, as far as cultural, religious, and most importantly, the military strategic relationship between the two of them. I have read the wiki on it, and it bothers me that it was founded by a man from a Muslim family, and it feels like this is a draw upon Hindus to break them away from it. Who knows what went on between the founder and his family in creating this religion. If you have to, private message me, but I MUST know, otherwise I have to ask temple officials about this and whether this man ought to be there and watch him closely.


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    Re: Meivazhi follower

    Namaste, DA.

    It's a new religion, not sanātana dharma. It has its own unique scriptures, which are said to supersede all others. It doesn't use Hindu texts. It borrows not only from SD, but also from Christianity (e.g. "baptism in the Spirit" is a Christian phenomenon). It teaches that all "religions" have the same "essence," which isn't quite quite what SD teaches. There are real, fundamental differences between SD and the world's religions, even though they tend to contain some truth and some goodness in them. This new religion is all about one teacher, who is said to be the final incarnation of God. SD is much broader than this and has a cyclical view of time.

    I hope this is helpful.

    śrīmate nārāyaṇāya namaḥ

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    Re: Meivazhi follower

    Vannakkam dA: I knew nothing at all about this, but did find the Wiki page. Anucarh's post agreed with that. So although it's not at all traditional, my red flag sensor didn't go off either. The individual at your temple probably just needed something culturally familiar to go to.

    Aum Namasivaya

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