I came across certain terms in my study.There is some relation between them but I am not able to join the dots because I do not know exactly where they occur in the Vedas and their significance in the Vedic context.

Firstly,the most important pointer is this verse from Sri Shvetasvatara Sruti.

अजामेकां लोहितशुक्लकृष्णां
बह्वीः प्रजाः सृजमानां सरूपाः
ajāmekāṁ lohitaśuklakṛṣṇāṁ
bahvīḥ prajāḥ sṛjamānāṁ sarūpāḥ

There is one unborn prakriti, red, white and black,
but producing many creatures like herself.

Some terms related to the above mantra are (paraphrased by me)

"The Universal Cow(Vishvagauh) of four feet(Chatushpaada),four udders(Chatuhstani),four faces(Chaturvaktra),four horned(Chatusrungi)etc. and Sarvatomukhi(one having faces in all directions)."
"You are Mahanaada-Vishvarupa-Sarasvati and Uma-Prakriti-Vidya-Maya and You are Gayatri of the Universal form(Vishvarupa)"

Do we have any information about any any celestial cow or universal cow(Vishvagauh-the one that spread and enveloped everything) in the Vedic literature?
Or is Brahman anywhere identified with a cow,which has many features connected with the number 'four'.
Or is any Goddess described as a celestial cow?

Could this below mantra be related to the above terms by chance?

गौरीर्मिमाय सलिलानि तक्षत्येकपदी द्विपदी सा चतुष्पदी ।
अष्टापदी नवपदी बभूवुषी सहस्राक्षरा परमे व्योमन् ॥

gaurīr mimāya salilāni takṣatyekapadī dvipadī sā catuṣpadī |
aṣṭāpadī navapadī babhūvuṣī sahasrākṣarā parame vyoman ||

Forming the water-floods, the buffalo(cow?) hath lowed, one-footed or two-footed or four-footed, she,
Who hath become eight-footed or hath got nine feet, the thousand-syllabled in the sublimest heaven.

तस्याः समुद्रा अधि वि क्षरन्ति तेन जीवन्ति प्रदिशश्चतस्रः ।
ततः क्षरत्यक्षरं तद् विश्वमुप जीवति ॥

tasyāḥ samudrā adhi vi kṣaranti tena jīvanti pradiśaścatasraḥ |
tataḥ kṣaratyakṣaraṃ tad viśvamupa jīvati ||

From her descend in streams the seas of water; thereby the world's four regions have their being,
Thence flows the imperishable flood and thence the universe hath life.

My post is not about about cows as such but to know if Brahman was described/seen by the Vedic Rishis as a cow (of four faces-if yes,what could be the esoteric significance of the '4' faced,eyed,horned etc. cow?)?

I would be very thankful for any help or clues regarding this.