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Thread: Delightful is Siva Mantra-Madhuram Shiva Mantra,Beautiful Song with Translation

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    Delightful is Siva Mantra-Madhuram Shiva Mantra,Beautiful Song with Translation


    I did a translation (with short explanation in brackets) of this old and beautiful song ,"Madhuram Shiva Mantram" on Lord Shiva from Sri Kalahasti Mahatmyam(1940).

    (In the video, one of the greatest Saint-devotees ever,Sri Kannappa Nayanar(Sanskrit- Dheera Bhakta) is seen worshiping Lord Shiva.)

    madhuraṁ śiva mantraṁ mahilō maruvakē ō manasā!

    In this world,delightful is the Shiva mantra,O Mind do not forget it!
    (The two syllabled Veda mantra "Shiva" is the sweetest,let us all always chant Shiva,Shiva.. in our heart.)

    iha-para sādhanamē

    Chanting it is the means to attain desires here and there
    i.e. worldly objectives as well as liberation.
    (It is the best Sadhana(technique) to accomplish both material wishes and spiritual goals.)

    narulaku suruchira tārakamē

    It is the exceedingly divine raft for crossing over.
    (It is the Taraka mantra,the saving mystical syllable that protects and rescues devotees stranded in the ocean called Samsara and conveys them safely to the shore called enlightenment.)

    āgama saṁcārā, nā svāgatamide gonumā

    O Lord,who wanders through the beautiful gardens called Agamas.
    Come,kindly accept my devotion.
    (Lord Shiva pervades the Agamas i.e. is understood through the Vedic scriptures known an Agamas.
    There are 28 Shaiva Agamas,also called as Siddhanta Agamas.)

    bhāvaja saṁhārā nannu kāvaga rāvayyā

    Vanquisher of Kama,Make haste,O Hara and save me.
    (Kama-uncontrolled passions.
    Hara Mahadeva-the destroyer of Papas(sins))

    pālanu muṁcedavō munnīṭanu muṁcedavō

    I know that whatever I receive be it sweet milk or water,it is verily through your grace.
    (You know better than me which is good for me,then what is the need for me to worry about anything?)

    bhāramu nīdayyā

    I am handing over my burdens to you.
    (It is your responsibility now,it rests with you to relieve the hardships of your devotees.)

    pādamu viḍanayyā,

    No matter what,I shall not let go you O Shiva!
    (The Shaivas or devotees of Lord Shiva are ever engaged in various activities on Lord Shiva such Dhyana(contemplation),worship(Puja),chanting His names(smarana),Siva Yoga,Tapas etc.)

    nī pādamu viḍanayyā

    I'll grasp your feet with vermillion red soles.
    (I express my single-minded love for you Shiva.)

    jayahē sarvēśā! sati śāṁbhavi prāṇēśā

    Jaya!Victory unto you,O Sarvesha(the Lord of all beings),
    Jaya!Victory unto you,the beloved of Goddess Shaambhavi(Parvati).

    kāruṇya guṇasāgarā! śrīkāḷahastīśvarā
    nannu kāpāḍavā śaṁkarā!

    O noble ocean of Karunya(mercy),
    O Lord Sri Kaalahastisvara,
    The cause of all auspiciousness,O Shankara,save me!

    (O Lord,the immenseness of your compassion can't be expressed but for the sake of comparision it is like the vast ocean.Therefore,O Shiva,you manifested as a divine Lingam on the banks of Swarnamukhi as Sri Kalahastishvara for helping Shiva Bhaktas.)


    Some info. about Lord Sri Kalahastishvara Swamy and Sri Kannappa Nayanar is there in this post.
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    He dances in the golden hall of Chidambaram, Let us worship His rosy anklet girt Feet.

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