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At face value, the participating in a war, particularly a senseless one seems very much against ahimsa and as a buddhist in particular I am pacifist. Now I understand that Hindus aren't pacifists, nor in reality are buddhist nations. I have read that some interpret the battle as representing an inner struggle or war with desire and attachment. I think the teaching of following your dharma and acting ethically without regard to failure/success is a profound teaching with many uses. But again I have trouble with this story in a literal sense. Any help?

Thanks, Liang
Dear Liang

Namaste. Even though your message was addressed to Sri Yajvan, I hope you don't mind me replying with my thoughts in brief. If the context of the story, the battle could not be termed senseless, as the Pandavas were fighting for their sustenance. Hence Lord Krishna says in the Gita "Without doing this Karma, you won't be able to undertake even your Sareera-Yatra (self maintenance)". And given the societal rules of the time, the Pandavas could not go abegging without disguising themselves as Brahmanas.