Namaste HDF

We learn from scriptures that our Devis, Devatas, Rishis and kings were Polygamous. I think concubines were legally wedded wives but didn't enjoy all the privileges. Ofcourse there were sex slaves too (like in the case of Raavana and other Asurs).

I can accept all this with a pinch of Salt because Dasi Putra like Vidhur was well respected. The practise of Niyoga was treated as Dharmic act and not for pleasure. There were devadasis jogins etc... They all enjoyed good status in the society.
There were law breakers and enforcers in all ages. I ain't going discuss how those practices disintegrated or were abused.

However I am not able to come to terms with practices like dating, break up and live in relationship. I ain't claiming myself as Saint but aren't these things promoting free sex especially for pleasure in one way or other without taking any responsibility.
I once thought demons like Raavana don't have a place in the world we live today. But terming or making some evil practices as legal on certain conditions is no different from a demonic act Isn't it?

Now a boy or a girl or a organization can sell sex under the disguise of boyfriend/girlfriend relationship or Dating sites or live in relationships. And such a thing is legally accepted. Worse is law protects them.

What kind of practise is this. Was there any such legally accepted practices in Vedic or Epic age?