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Thread: Meaning of Satyameva Jayathey. ...?

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    Meaning of Satyameva Jayathey. ...?

    Dear Hdf

    Kindly help me to understand the philosophical meaning of Satyameva Jayathey. I have raised a thread in V.A also which has the entire verse and English meaning. this appears in Mundaka upanishad and I think it is a Advaita philosophy ( baesd on my little knowledge )

    Hopefully I get answers from Vishishtadvaitins also but these days there's no activity in that forum.

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    Re: Meaning of Satyameva Jayathey. ...?

    It has to be understood in conjunction with the previous sloka i.e Mundaka 3.1.5. This sloka announces that Satyam͵ Tapas͵ Samyak-jnanam and Brahmacharya as the 4 means with which this Atma can be realized. Sree Sankara calls Satyam͵ Tapas etc as the sahakari-sadhanas for the Bhikshu who seeks Nivrtti from the world. By the way I think it is “Satyameva Jayati“

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