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Thread: The all-comprehensive Hindu siddhantas.........?

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    The all-comprehensive Hindu siddhantas.........?


    After several futile attempts to learn philosophies such as advaita, dwaita, Visishtadvaita, etc, I am finally thinking the following.

    I believe that there are no philosophies / siddhantas left on earth other than ones not covered under some framework in Hinduism. In this perspective, I believe that Islam, owing to its worship of formless god, can be an offshoot and offspring of our Advaita siddhanta. And that, owing to the 3-some nature of the element of 'god' in Christianity - namely father, son and holy spirit, that Christianity could have originated from dwaita.

    Let me tell, I know nothing of dwaita, advaita or visishtadvaita but the above is what my instincts tell me... owing to my belief, asserting again, that there can possibly be no philosophy left on the planet that is not covered under the umbrella of Hinduism.

    Given my understanding, I would like to know, if there are threads dedicated to this topic, which I am sure there are, many, many. My question is where to begin?

    Are there any easy to follow (?) discussions here on understanding the philosophies FROM Christianity and Islam? For, I surely believe, it should be possible to reverse-engineer this way too, to understand the philosophies.

    Please - I am only asking for existing threads, and I do not look forward to starting a conversation that would belittle any religion or sect or philosophy.

    To the moderator: Kindly delete if this is a bad topic.

    Many sincere thanks,

    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

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    Re: The all-comprehensive Hindu siddhantas.........?

    Namaste Viraja ji

    What made you to ask this question? I have been reading your posts for about 3+ years and often get a feeling that you are disillusioned. Please don't take offense. We all have a fixed lifespan but have lot to accomplish. ie complete our duties and burn the baggage we have been carrying since our 1st birth. In this scenario won't you agree with me that our free time should be better spent.

    What could be better way to use our free time. Think about Sree Raama# or worry about something which won't add any value to the purpose of our life.

    You may find it funny or unbelievable but slowly and steadily all my actions have started revolving around Sathyameva Jayathey ie Truth alone Triumphs. Truth is Sriman Naaraayan#.

    For the purpose of academic knowledge Abrahamic (religious) discussion might help but when you are certain why would you require proof.

    # If you wont subscribe to srivaishnavism please feel free to substitute # with your Ishta Devata...

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